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When to negotiate money following survey

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  • Hoenir
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    Talk to the Estate Agent. Let them know your thoughts. Ultimate will come to negotiation with the vendor and whether a compromise can be reached. 
  • TheJP
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    habssac said:
    I don't want to give too much detail incase its outing, but there are essentially holes in the roof and something significant missing from the waste pipes.

    My question isn't really about whether I should negotiate though, more when the best time is to do it if I think my buyer may also want to negotiate with me.
    I think what others are saying is what is the actual wording within the survey about the roof? Many surveys will say due to the age there may be holes in the roof etc etc. Also the vendor may want to rectify any issues themselves or seek other quotes, usually surveyor quotes are pie in the sky numbers.

    In terms of timing i would say as soon as possible so it doesn't delay things too much.
  • bluelad1927
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    You need to be negotiating  now. It sounds like you want to wait to hear your buyer has to say so you know where you stand on the house you are buying.

    If you want your seller to take you seriously  you should be asking when you know of the issues not a few weeks down the line.

    Your buyer and seller negotiations are seperate and while you may see them as linked the others  frankly don't care what your issues in other parts of the chain are
  • Albermarle
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     Think there is a good chance our buyer will do the same to us, which may impact whether we need to negotiate even more up the chain

    Why will your buyer do the same? Are you aware of some issues with your own house and they have had a survey done ?

  • If you are going to negotiate the earlier the better.

    Whether your buyer may or may not also negotiate is entirely separate and irrelent in terms of your purchase.
  • chanz4
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    I would ask now, as your chain could calapse 
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