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changing square footage information on zoopla and The Move Market etc

Hi All. Does anyone please know who holds the information on square footage for your house?  The historical info for my address is wrong (info is ground floor only) on zoopla and The Move Market, which makes our house look very expensive on a square foot basis.  Alas, my council tax banding is right, so I think it isn't the Land Registry which is wrong (plus it doesn't seem to be amongst the info you can change there).  I can't seem to get either zoopla or The Move Market to change the information but I can't find where they pulled the info from either.  I have checked the info Zoopla hold on my neighbours and that is correct (I am not going mad).  The reason I ask is that we are putting our ducks in a row to put our house on the market and I want to get all this historical info right so buyers aren't put off. Thanks in advance


  • babyblade41
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    I wouldn't worry too much , your EA will draft the details with floor plans etc so as long as that info is correct there should be no problem 
  • eddddy
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    edited 6 December 2023 at 1:43PM

    Land Registry does not record square footage - in fact, it's not recorded anywhere official.

    Zoopla etc will just be displaying information that an estate agent put in your property's listing last time it was sold.

    So you just need to make sure that when you sell, the estate agent specifies the correct square footage (then that's what Zoopla etc will show as well).

  • lincroft1710
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    UK house buyers tend to buy according to a property's accommodation rather than its stated size (which can be misleading as there are 3 different methods of calculating a property's size). 
    If you are querying your Council Tax band would you please state whether you are in England, Scotland or Wales
  • user1977
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    edited 6 December 2023 at 5:16PM
    There is no central register of such things, if you want to know the area of a building with any certainty then you measure it yourself.
  • bobster2
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    eddddy said:

    Land Registry does not record square footage - in fact, it's not recorded anywhere official.

    Floor area is actually recorded on EPCs - but as I just mentioned on another thread I would take the floor area on the EPC as a approximate guide. EPC assessors are a bit variable in how well / accurately they do this. I've seen identical houses on an estate with EPC floor areas varying +/- 10%.

    As @lincroft1710 pointed out - UK buyers tend to pay attention to number of bedrooms. Personally I think they should pay more attention to floor area - but estate agent calculations are not very reliable in this regard. They use various methods.

    As a prospective buyer I've always tried to get an estimate of floor area myself - e.g. using the room dimensions on floorplans to work out the external dimensions of the house.
  • Jonboy_1984
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    Our old flat showed as a semi-detached house in zoopla and rightmove data for years (and over-valued it accordingly in their algorithms), it was updated when the EA listed it for us.
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