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I get my wages via Paypal UK but have a problem. Here is the situation.
I have a UK Paypal account with USD in it. I want to move the USD out of UK Paypal without paying the crazy commission fees. and keeping the money in USD.
I have tried Revolut and Wise cards and have added them to my Paypal account and whenever I go to confirm a transfer I get the same message "sorry there has been a problem". I try again and again and I cant move the money and keep it in USD.
I have added my Revolut bank account and Paypal keeps changing the money from USD to GBP but I want to keep it in USD.  How can I do this please?
Any suggestions please?
Thank you


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    PayPal want people to pay their ridiculous fees, so it's entirely deliberate that there is no good way to avoid it.  It might be possible if you have an actual US bank account you can link.  I also tried linking a Wise account and couldn't get it to work either - I think because it's a virtual bank account and not a real one. 
  • Tried the exact same a few months ago without success. Paypal did indicate to me that by changing the default currency of the account it is possible, but it wasn't. Complained about being given false information and they didn't really budge except said I can transfer out using the auto conversion of their crazy exchange rates and would get a refund of those fees. That has worked in that one instance but I don't think there is any other option so also left with the exact same problem. I even checked if a USD transfer to a USD bank account with a UK bank would work and was told no and that since I have a UK Paypal account the standard conversion would always be to the local currency, which is GBP. 

    You either have somebody in US with a US based Paypal account who you could send the funds to, that person would withdraw to e.g. Wise or Revolut and would send it to you that way or you have to accept the rubbish rates. Of course, you could also ask not to get paid to Paypal in the first place.

    Not sure if things have changed since Paypal has now it's own UK entity and is no longer under the EU one due to Brexit. Haven't tried since and funds are building up in USD in my account. 
  • Been having the same issue
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