Total interest for Club Lloyds?

If you have the full £5,000 in the account:
1.50% on £1 - £3999
3.00% on £4000-£5000

how much interest will you get at the end of the month?
My math is a little rusty.
Would it be:
£60 (lower rate) + £30 (higher rate), then divide that by 12, making £7.50 a month, is that correct?


  • Middle_of_the_Road
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    That's what I got it to...
    = 90.015
  • assuming £5,000 is in the account for the whole month then I agree with £7.50 (+/- a few pence depending on month length).
  • ColdIron
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    Close. that 1.50%/3.00% is AER. You'll get 1.49% and 2.96% gross so a shade less and the number of days in a month varies
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    More or less correct, but both 1.5% and 3% are AER, i.e. assume compounding, that means that the balance has to remain below £5K. And even in this case it's possibly more complicated for balances above £4K.
    If the balance is £5K, the interest is added to the balance, but you don't get interest on interest. In this case you have to use 'gross p.a.' rates - 1.49% and 2.96% accordingly,
  • AmityNeon
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    Basically, that means don't leave £5,000 sitting in a Club Lloyds account. ~1.784% is a terrible rate at this time.
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    From actual payments, it can vary from £7.09 to £8.06 depending on month length (Lloyds months can be 34 days long).
    Having £5,000 sitting there earning interest and ready to fund all my Regular Savers was useful, but not at the current differential to simple easy savers.

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