Not so smart meters ..

I had what I thought was a smart meter but my last bill was estimated. When I asked Octopus why I got this reply: 

"Unfortunately the issue that you are experiencing is a known issue with SMETS1 meters. Currently, the Industry is upgrading all SMETS1 meters with newer software. This upgrade has caused certain gas meters to stop sending some of their readings to us.

Our tech team are aware of this and it should resolve itself over the next few months. As this has been caused by the industry, unfortunately we are unable to speed up the resolution.

Apologies for the inconvenience. I have been able to retrieve a recent reading however, we do ask that you submit manual meter readings until this is resolved."

Anyone else affected by this? 


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    I had an old Smart meter that suddenly showing usage erratically  just when I needed it most (when prices started going through the roof). I called energy company and engineer came out, fairly quickly, and fitted a new more up to date one. 

    I'm guessing that there's nothing on your meter to show it isn't sending readings so you wouldn't have been aware without the estimated bill.

    I'm not with Octopus but sounds like they'll get around to fixing it when they can. Any mention of a new meter? 🤔
  • In your communication with them ask them to fit a new smart meter. We had to do this and it took about two weeks.
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    I have SMETS1 smart meters that turned dumb when I left the supplier that fitted them. Last year, my current supplier got the electric meter sending them readings, but not the gas. Sometimes the gas meter sends a reading, but more often than not it doesn't so I submit a manual one. I've nagged the current supplier (Eon Next) endlessly about it, which usually results in them getting a reading one month only.
    I've given up. I suppose it will get replaced when the battery eventually dies. Fortunately the IHD works for getting readings from both meters (but is completely wrong on costs), so it's easy for me to take a reading.

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    Eon next replaced both of my smets1 meters with smets2. the smets1 were early models and were close to end of battery life anyway.
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