Parcel misdelivered at my home - can't get out to poss address

A parcel was found this morning dumped on my doorstep by Evri (used to be Hermes) - and there is no answer when I tried to phone them - I have no idea when it arrived as I didn't open my front door yesterday, but no knock was heard at any point.  The parcel was not addressed to me, but the postcode was correct and the road, but on looking closely at the label it seems not to have printed properly and to have been addressed not to no 5, but either 15 or 25 on my road. 

This would be easy to sort if I were not long term ill and disabled and housebound, and completely unable to wander up the road looking for whoever it might be.  I looked at other discussions on MSE Forum and the Citizens Advice Bureau - I have tried to get through to Evri to get it redelivered and failed, so in desperation I opened the parcel and found a receipt from a company I'd never heard of ... Stein.  So I tried finding their customer services phone number - they have 'live chat instead' - so I tried that, and was rewarded with a screen where I took a screenshot I was so amazed.... it said

"The page you selected cannot handle the problems of existing orders - do you want to continue"

As I cannot contact either delivery company or the company who dispatched the order, or the presumed man up the road who placed the order, is there anything else I can do?  For all I know the parcel was dumped on my doorstep yesterday or the day before - I don't open my front door daily, and for all I know whoever it was addressed to has reported it misdelivered and already got another one - that was the case with one once (it literally caused me a sleepless night worrying about it, but the intended recipients had already ordered a new one so did not answer their phone).

Is there anything else that I can do about this - apart from reseal it and put it out for someone to collect if they want?


  • The_Unready
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    Do you not have any visitors (friends/family, for instance) who may be willing to take a walk up the road to find the rightful owner? It seems like a whole lot of faff at the moment when the solution could be much simpler.
  • Thanks The_Unready - no-one comes to the house these days, they used to, but the last few years have really put paid to that.  Actually, remembering the actions of the addressee of the previous parcel, who answered the phone with silence then refused the call twice (mobile number) - when I at length got through to the company it seemed the addressee had already called them and got them to redeliver the item - so perhaps I am getting myself all worried over nothing.  Still, I have done my best...
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    Does your postman ever come to your door? Might they take a note to no 15 and 25 for you? 
    The comments I post are my personal opinion. While I try to check everything is correct before posting, I can and do make mistakes, so always try to check official information sources before relying on my posts.
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    Thanks tacpot12, that's a good idea, I'll try that - the postmen know I can't get out so they might help.
  • Vectis
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    Forumite comes to the house these days...

    No one comes to your house and you never leave the house?

    Food deliveries? What happens if/when you need a pint of milk? You don't have a carer coming in as you're housebound? You don't have a phone number of anyone locally, a friend, a neighbour, someone from the Council?

  • You've done nothing wrong and you're under no obligation, legally or morally, to correct the delivery company's error. I recommend hanging on to the parcel for a while in case anyone tries to reclaim it, but that's all you can do really.
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