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Help please - Developers pushing to use their solicitors

Fufu3333 Posts: 48
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edited 27 November 2023 at 3:14PM in House buying, renting & selling
I have reserved on a new build (off plan) but my solicitors haven't been able to do much of their work because of Land Registry delays with Title etc.  Developers are pushing to complete in December and are requesting I use their solicitors to continue the transaction as my solicitor is not prepared to continue until she can do her searches etc once she has the Title info etc from the developers.  

I would rather not lose this house as got a good few extras and really like it.

What happens in this scenario?  I have heard that it is not a good idea to use developer's solicitors?


  • user1977
    user1977 Posts: 13,279
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    Which "searches etc" does your solicitor think need to wait until registration is complete? Doesn't make much sense to me
  • If the developers are suggesting their solicitor will be faster because he will progress without th searches, that is all the more reason not to trust them.

    use your own, and put pressure on the developers snd their solicitor to get their side of the work done so that your solicitor can progress.
  • chanz4
    chanz4 Posts: 10,846
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    always use external no conflict then
    Don't put your trust into an Experian score - it is not a number any bank will ever use & it is generally a waste of money to purchase it. They are also selling you insurance you dont need.
  • Postik
    Postik Posts: 396
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    edited 28 November 2023 at 11:44AM
    I know some solicitors won't make any enquiries until the searches are back, so they can make all of the enquiries in one go.  Whereas others will make whatever enquiries they can, and then raise some more when the searches are back.

    As you will find all over the web, it's a bad idea to use the solicitor "recommended" by the developer.  That solicitor could be getting half a million pounds plus worth of business being recommended by the developer.  Do you think they'll have your best interests at heart if there's some kind of issue that might upset the developer?

    Yes, it will no doubt be "quicker" because they will just wave everything through with a green flag.  Some things you might not even find out about properly until years later when you come to sell, when your buyer's solicitor does a proper job.

    I was all ready to reserve a new build property after jumping through numerous of their hoops, when they dropped the bombshell that I must use their "recommended" solicitor.  I ran a mile and I never did hear from them again, so they must have had some other mug lined up who was willing to do it.
  • gwynlas
    gwynlas Posts: 1,615
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    Solicitors can work quite quickly once they have all the information to hand so there might be a possibility that you complete at the end of December if searches received. It might be that the developer is pushing to complete prior to their year end but you do not need to comply with this. As others have correctly said it is far better to have the overview of your own independent solicitor
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