Nationwide credit card complaint

Owed 494.12 on my cc, paid it bar £25 the day I got the statement from NW.  I assumed it would take the £25 anyway as my dd is set to that, and my Sainsbury’s cc does that, but it didn’t.  No issues with that, as it was a misunderstanding n my part, however I disputed the 7.12 interest on a 25 quid debt.  Lass I spoke to said she couldn’t cancel it down so I had her raise a formal complaint to get it sorted.  The t&cs for complaints are they will contact me within 15 days.  

However, all I have had is texts saying I need to ring them urgently, but surely they should be ringing me?   


  • elsien
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    If you want to get it sorted, does it really matter who rings who? 
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  • sammyjammy
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    Terms on credit cards are different, some will have the payment you made override the DD and others will take it anyway, they may remove the charge as a gesture of goodwill but its your responsibility to know what happens and pay accordingly.
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  • Slinky
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    I had a minimum DD set with Nationwide to avoid getting black mark if I forgot to pay it, but like you fell foul of them not taking the minimum amount when I'd paid the rest of the bill less the minimum payment. Couldn't work out how their system worked so cancelled the DD and set a reminder to pay the whole amount in full.

    The problem is, under their terms unless you pay the balance in full, the interest on the whole balance comes due, not just interest on the unpaid amount.
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  • km1500
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    Their website clearly says the minimum amount WILL be taken - no ifs or buts. I would complain.

    Pay by Direct Debit

    You have 3 payment options:

    1. Pay the minimum amount each month.
    The minimum payment due will be taken.

  • Unfortunately, if you don't pay off the balance off in full, the interest accrues on the whole balance (ie the 494 balance) rather than just the £25. 

    Is there a reason you don't have your DD set to pay full amount? Given that your plan was to pay full balance anyway? You can adjust bill and DD date so that DD comes out on a day that suits you (eg after pay day). 
  • km1500 said:
    Their website clearly says the minimum amount WILL be taken - no ifs or buts. I would complain.

    Pay by Direct Debit

    You have 3 payment options:

    1. Pay the minimum amount each month.
    The minimum payment due will be taken.

    It doesn’t say The minimum payment will STILL be taken. In this case more than the minimum payment required has already been paid. so there is nothing more due.
    I’m not sure what the Nationwide website says when you make a payment by other means. Some warn that’s the DD will still be collected, especially if you make a payment close to the DD collection date,  others state that it won’t be.

    To the OP if they have text you then they have been in contact within their T&C timescales so probably worth you ringing them or they may assume you have no further issue and close the complaint. 
  • molerat
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    Badboi said:
     I assumed .......
    Always a very dangerous choice.
    When minimum is the selected option the best assumption is that the payment will not be taken if a manual payment greater than the minimum is made.
    Your statement will often state what happens if payments are made before the DD is taken.

  • daivid
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    If you had made the manual payment very close to the dd date then the £25 would probably have been taken. With enough notice it is standard across CC providers to not take a minimum payment if that amount or more has already been cleared for the month. Time lines will vary from a few days to a week in my experience.
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