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Make £2024 in 2024



  • emsi_b
    emsi_b Posts: 370 Forumite
    First Anniversary Homepage Hero First Post Name Dropper
    Thanks @Slinky and @CMD79, I'll do that. It does mean I'm due a bit extra when my TCB pending from Christmas shopping comes in 😂

    Speaking of, I will need to raise a mission transaction with them as my big B&Q order hasn't tracked :(
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  • tl13
    tl13 Posts: 18 Forumite
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    I count it when I cash out. I tend to cash out on surveys as soon as I can.
    Make £2024 in 2024
  • Bazzalona13295
    Bazzalona13295 Posts: 863 Forumite
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    emsi_b said:
    Hi! I'm planning on a monthly update, got my notebook started. To keep my figures straight, do people count cashback when it's payable, or when it's earned but still pending? My Jam doughnut money is easy peasy as it's instant, but TCB not so much! 
    And for SB etc., do you convert points as you earn them for your totals, or only include in the total when you cash out?
    I only count mine when its physically been paid, whether thats Paypal or vouchers/cashback.

    I just find that easier.
  • CMD79
    CMD79 Posts: 751 Forumite
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    Hi All,

    Another 17.71 from Prolific today, taking me up to:

     £   82.47 / £2024 B)  

    November 2023

    I'm always in it, it's only the depth that varies....

    Current debt: £10,806.75
    Debt free date April 2025 (though expecting this to come forward)

  • ilovetea
    ilovetea Posts: 1,250 Forumite
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    # 34.
    At last something to report.
    £89-32 from e-b@y sales (after fees).

    ilovetea   xx
    Make £2024 in 2024 £1161.08
    Declutter 2024 things in 2024 1432 /2024.
    NSD's in July 6/20
  • purplefran
    purplefran Posts: 58 Forumite
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    I have just had a lovely boost to my savings.  I retired from work at the end of last year and they did a whip round for my leaving present, this has just hit my bank account.  I also have a bit of cash back from Shopmium so another £356.65 to add to my total.
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    DF 30/11/22
    Retired 31/12/23
  • tl13
    tl13 Posts: 18 Forumite
    First Anniversary First Post

    £44.11 now. Just doing surveys in my free time so it’s slow going but creeping. Have a good day all. 
    Make £2024 in 2024
  • I_Love_comps
    I_Love_comps Posts: 2,314 Senior Ambassador
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    £11.25 from share dividends.   

    Total £11.25/£2024
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  • CC2
    CC2 Posts: 436 Forumite
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    Slightly annoyed to discover that withdrawals from Vinted aren't instant, but still well ahead of target so far. I really must get around to selling some more stuff, it just seems like a lot of effort for little return. Prices are so low on Vinted, but I've had soooo many bad experiences with ebay as a seller that I just can't be doing with it any longer!
    Challenge: Make £2024 in 2024

    Playtime Rewards: £202
    Prograd: £20
    Prolific: £38.56
    Consumer testing: £45
    Vinted: £10
    Cashback (Chase): £18.19
    Interest: £88.21
    Nielsen: £5
    YouGov; £50.00
    Swagbucks: £100
    Test Em All: £10
    TesterUp: £79.70

    Total: £666.66
  • Littlebigmoose
    Littlebigmoose Posts: 118 Forumite
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    Hi all, can I also join please. Starting today have made £6.61 in cashback
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