MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Robbie kick up a fuss?



  • £6 or £10 is as much as I'd spend on drinks on a night out! :eek:

    If Robbie's a true tightwad he'll stay sober, be the designated driver and charge the rest petrol money! ;)
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  • If I was Robbie, I'd kick up a fuss. If I were the others, I'd be loving it. ;) Why should they pay for Robbie's taxi home?

    Having said that, if they all live together (which I think the question suggests) then they should split the money equally. Exact same distance, exact same journey to the exact same place, therefore they should pay the exact same price.
  • Well, Gary took the trouble to sort the taxis so he's calling the shots - if he was the one who then ended up paying more I think he'd be entitled to feel hard done by. Robbie was happy to let someone else sort it out - if he is bothered, next time he cant sort it and he makes sure he's part of the threesome :grouphug:- so to speak!
  • cm233lh
    cm233lh Posts: 191 Forumite
    a) walk to their local and halve the price of the evening.
    b) leave earlier and get the last train home.
    c) they should all have stayed home and done their budget for 2008, saving themselves, what's Martin's estimate? 25% of their salary plus the cost of two cabs
  • cm233lh
    cm233lh Posts: 191 Forumite
    Not very MSE - surely the five of them could get into one cab???:grouphug:
    kimevans wrote: »
    Unless its a people carrier NO.
    Or a black cab!
  • jackieb
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    Why are both cabs charging £60 exactly? Is everyone getting off at the same place? Are there going to be no drop-offs? Robbie said he was going home so I assume they're all getting dropped off at their homes. Or do they just all live together? :) You'd think the cab with 3 passengers would possibly have 3 people to drop off at different places, so you think they'd be more expensive than the cab with only 2 drop-offs? Or at least the difference in their individual cabfares would be less than £10.
  • JayD
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    Well, in my experience, friends share such things equally between them - so I think they should all pay £24 each. Let's face it, if they had all got into one cab, they would have split the fare equally then.

    If they are good friends there wont be any need for Robbie to kick up a fuss - if they aren't such good friends, then I say 'go for it Robbie!' ;)
  • fay144
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    When I go on a night out and stay later than the last bus, I know that I'm going to have to pay the taxi fare home. If someone shares and halves the fare that's a bonus, but generally if I am able to drop someone off without going too far out of the way of my route home, then I wouldn't take any money from them as it's not costing me any extra than if I got the taxi on my own.

    So Robbie shouldn't moan - in my experience it would be the person who dodged a round or something that offered to pay anyway.
  • trejoy
    trejoy Posts: 74 Forumite
    Obviously they should all pay the same,
  • It only takes a minute . . . . to phone up in advance and book a big enough cab to take them all home!
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