Rights to cancel a course? Progressive property


I'm new here and please don't judge.

I went to one of those one day 'discovery days' at Progressive Property which was partly informational but really about the hard sell.

I got sucked in and signed up for their 3 day course which was 'at a discount'.

A few days later, I came to my senses and asked them for money back. They refused as they said I signed the terms and conditions on that day and that offer was only for that day. The alternative was to try to sell the course on or take a different course

Is there any way I can get out this? Lesson learned about questioning an organisation which has 5 pages of terms and conditions


  • I should also add that I tried to dispute the transaction through my credit card citing the consumer protection act. They informed me that I wouldn't be able to dispute the transaction because I signed the terms and conditions on the day.
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    yes you signed the contract and now seem to.be having buyer's remorse. As you say, lesson learned.

  • I went to one of those one day 'discovery days' at Progressive Property
    Where did you go for this day?  By which I mean, was it at one of their offices, or was a hotel conference suite or similar?
    So if you went to their office, you may have a bit of a battle on your hands - and you don't get the statutory 14-day cooling-off period that you would if you bought the course remotely.
    I'm not actually sure if this may help at all, but it's worth a try.
    Unfortunately I doubt you'll get much joy from a S75 claim on your credit card, since the company have not actually broken the terms of their contract with you.  Unscrupulous they may very well have been, but technically speaking they've done nothing illegal.
    I'm sure others will be along with more suggestions, but hopefully the couple of links above may give you a starting point.
    Actually, it could be worth a quick phone call to your local CAB branch, they're usually really helpful and have people who know what they're talking about who can give you advice (probably a lot better advice than I can as a layman!).

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    Is this a change of mind cancellation or because they are breaching something in those 'five pages of terms and conditions'?
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    As far as Credit card goes S75 is about breach of contract or misrepresentation.
    Chargeback, does not cover change of mind.

    So no way forward there.
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