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Hi all,

I had my PIP phone assessment on Friday, it was done by Independent Assessment Services. There seems to be mixed advice online about when you can request your assessment report. The Independent Assessment Services website says you can only request it from the DWP once you've received your decision letter. But, other websites and forums say this is not true. Some say you can request the report 48hrs after your assessment, a week after or once you receive a text saying the DWP has your report.

Just wondering, what others' experience of this has been? Thought I'd ask, rather than waiting for ages on hold, potentially for no reason if I can't request the report yet.



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    Usually it is fairly quickly transmitted to the DWP. I would call the DWP (number at top of PIP letters) tomorrow and ask for copy - I would say very good chance they did indeed get it within couple days. You certainly do not need to wait for the decision which more likely will take weeks. If they say they do not have it yet I'd call again every few days or indeed if they send the text saying they have have received it.
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    There's no rules in them not allowing to send it to you before the decision is made. Just remember that if you do request it, it's not the decision, just a recommendation. They do mostly go with it, but it has been known for them to go against it but it's rare.
  • I requested my report 48 hours after assessment - also IAS - and received it before the decision letter.
  • Thank you all :) I rang this morning and they're sending the report in the post, should receive it in 7-10 working days.
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