Ninja fault at 20 months

I bought a Ninja 15-1 on 24/12/21 from Argos at £269.99. Ninja provide a 1 year warranty (2 years if purchased after Jan 23) and Argos also provide 1 year Warranty. Developed 'shut Lid' and 'Slide' fault at 20 months, rendering all functions unusable.

On consulting the internet for trouble shooting ideas it is apparent that this is a common fault (failed sensor) with this and other Nnja models. Contacted Ninja customer services who confirmed no trouble shooting available or repair for this fault - suggested buying a new unit and offered 50% discount (this would now have a 2yr warranty).

I emailed Argos on the basis of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 - durability explaining that I was not satisfied and requesting a repair, replacement or refund. Argos replied siting the Ninja 2yr Warranty but acknowledged that I was not covered and requested and Independant Report.

On contacting various appliance repair centres, none have any experience of repairing or reporting on Ninjas and could not recommend anybody that does. I contacted Argos explaining this and suggesting that as this has been a common fault which has presented in many units at various points in the life time of the appliance, and that I am unable to get an Independent report, as a gesture of good will, they offer me an appropraite redress and take it up with Ninja as their supplier. 

I also asked them to supply the names of anybody that could provide me with a written Independent Report and asked them to confirm that if the Report confirmed that this represents an inherent manufacturing problem, not consumer use, they would reimburse me for the cost of the report.

They have repied aserting that they cannot move forward with out an Independent report. They did not provide me with any details of organisations that could provide this or answer my question on reimbursement.

So my questions are :-

Can anybody suggest details of someone who can give me an independent report?
Is it worth pushing it forward or should i take the offer of a 50% of full price reduction from Ninja, on the basis that Argos would pro rata my refund and the basis of fair use which may amount to little more than 50% anyway?

It just really grates with me that given the push for make do and mend, sustainability and protecting the world's resources, these companies are complicit in selling substantial pieces of kit that end up at the tip in less than 2 years or is it just me!

Many thanks for any assitance you consumer warriors can provide - even if it is just tip it and move on!!!


  • I'd grab the 50%.  I think your reasoning on it is correct, in that by the time you've found and paid for an independent report and gone through further hassle to get a refund, it wouldn't amount to much more than 50% plus the cost of the inspection, so you really wouldn't be any better off.

    Worth checking what a two year old model is selling for used on eBay - it may be even less than 50% of what you paid.
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    Not the 1st time this company have come up with this issue.

    Best vote with your feet & get another brand.
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    IF you get the independent report (which Argos would have to pay for if it proved to be an inherent fault), then the choice of repair, replace or refund is up to Argos. If they opted for a refund, it would be a partial one based on the 20 months  use you've had. What would this value be? Ebay SOLD prices are on average about £90 and quite a variation depending on condition. (From £60 to £155)

    Are you happy to accept the 50% off a new one? Do you want another Ninja?

    For an independent report, as there is no 'specialist' then you'd need some sort of chartered mechanical/electronics engineer who has no affiliation with any brand of air fryer! The other option is gathering sufficient evidence to show it is a known fault then take your chances taking Argos to court. But again, the refund will be partial. It's a LOT of effort for potentially VERY little gain. 
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