SMART Meters and Eon Energy

We bought a house Aug 2021; both Electric (British gas) and gas (Bulb) were on PAYG. I called both companies to have these meters changed to Direct payment or even SMART meters as our nearest topup is 3 miles away, one way. I was informed that the previous owners had "fiddled the books" and essentially stolen thousands of £ worth of energy so the house had to remain on PAYG until they were assured we were "safe" (despite having held accounts with both providers previously at other properties!). Fast forward mid 2022, I moved our electric to E-on as they were cheaper than BG and agreed to install a SMART meter; whilst here, the Engineer asked who my Gas was with and said I should have got them both done together as he could have done it there and then. At the time I was waiting on a meter from Bulb, but they collapsed soon after; I approached Eon and asked if I moved my gas to Eon, would they install a SMART meter or could we convert to Direct payment as the cost of bus / train fares to and from the nearest top-up, on top of PAYG being so much more expensive anyway, was adding up. I was assured they could, and would. I moved our gas to Eon. I contacted them to request a SMART meter, and was told I would have to wait a few weeks "settling in". A few months later I contacted them again, to be told that they didn't offer SMART meters for Gas!!! I contacted them again today, as I am still incurring additional costs having to run out 6 miles round trip every few weeks to top up the gas to be told that because there is already 1 smart meter in the property they CANT install a second PAYG smart meter all, because their software won't allow them to add a second meter at a separate time to the initial set up. How is this even a thing? In 2023, when we're sending space crafts to MARS and the dark side of the moon, how are EON not able to update their software to be able to install / add a second smart meter???? I suggested fine, I really don't want a PAYG meter anyway, install a regular SMART meter and switch me over Direct payments; its cheaper for me anyway as Standing charges are cheaper, unit rates are cheaper and means I don't have to drive / bus/train to top up gas every few weeks! Eon now claim they can't do that, either. I challenged this and stated that it is unlawful to knowingly mis-sell a product (my initial query), knowingly mislead customers (will have to wait a few weeks for your smart meter) and now wilfully refuse to do anything to alleviate the additional financial burden that being on PAYG incurs! I was told there is nothing they can do to help me. Eon are refusing every suggestion I have made to reduce my outgoings; they are insisting that I remain on their most expensive tarriff, and the most inconvenient method of payment. I have filed a complaint today with them.
Is it worth taking this to the Financial Ombudsman? Will they care? Do I have any rights pertaining to EON deliberately misleading me in my quest for the installation of SMART meters (with or without Direct payment)? Has anyone else come across a similar situation whereby you have 1x SMART and 1x "old style top up" because "its not possible to install separately"? Are Eon trying to pull the wool over my eyes? Am I actually stuck on PAYG, old style meters indefinitely? 


  • ** Edit - I mean, OFGEM, not FO  :#
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    It would be the Energy Ombudsman, not Ofgem.
    Gentle tips: try using a few paragraphs, otherwise a huge wall of text can become TL;DR.  Also prune it a bit and avoid repetition (four mentions of driving to top up !)
    Clarity and brevity are especially important for the EO because they don't investigate, they just look at each party's written submissions.  Bullet points can be useful.
  • Do you have to stay with Eon?  Octopus have a decent reputation for sorting things out, maybe contact them and ask if they'd be able to install a smart gas meter if you switched to them.  And whether they could switch your electricity meter to standard mode, not prepayment.

    (Bonus if they say yes, you can use a referral code for £50 credit which should offset some of the travel costs you've had.)
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