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How long to keep paperwork for a house bought in 2012 and sold last year?

Basically as the title says. If it makes any difference, I lived in the house for the first couple of years and then let it out for the remainder. There were never any issues with the tenants in any way and the only work done on the house was notified to the buyer through solicitors last year, with accompanying paperwork.

At the moment I have a box file with all the paperwork related to everything from the original purchase, mortgage statements, work done, tenancies, etc through to the final sale. How long should I be holding onto all this for? 

Many thanks!


  • user1977
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    edited 21 November at 9:51AM
    At least six years from the sale for anything which might relate to CGT or Income Tax?

    I doubt anything will literally require original papers though, if you want to scan it (or already have it scanned).
  • theartfullodger
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    edited 21 November at 10:25AM
    You've declared and paid any CGT due?  Should both be done IIRC within 60 days of sale.

    Particularly for CGT I'd keep all from purchase until say 5 years after CGT paid just in case HMRC decide to investigate.

    Cheap insurance....

    For income tax 7 years at least from year in question.

    There are of course over 10 taxes a landlord may have to pay 
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