SUPER complicated SLC Plan 1 question - I am confused!

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Hi all!

I did a year of university here in the UK in 2010-11 using student loans, then moved abroad in 2011 to restart a degree in Canada. I’ve just relocated back to the UK as an expat. 

- 2011-2016: full time student
- 2016-2023: working, sporadically. But never above the threshold. 

Stupidly, the entire time I was living abroad as both a student and working, I never informed SLC of anything. I ignored their emails. I’m an idiot, I know. 

I just logged into my SLC account and I saw the following:

Balance: £8341.08
Arrwars: £8341.08

I’m just about to start working here, and I assumed I’d just be paying the 9% above the £22000 threshold (fine, no issues). But I’m very confused about what the arrears means.

1) Is the arrears separate from the initial loan amount for the maintenance and tuition loan? 

2) What will start being educated via PAYE? Just the 9% above £22000? 

I’m sorry for the mistakes I made. I feel like an idiot. But we moved back here from Canada to have a better life and start fresh. I’m petrified this is going to be a huge financial burden.

Thanks in advance! 


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    When you go abroad and don’t make payments or apply to defer payments due to income or student status, your account is marked as in arrears. This marks the account as full repayment required. That will be why the amount of arrears is the amount of the loan.

    You need to contact slc and find out what you do owe (or not) and get your account on a good standing. Then you can continue with the repayment schedule.
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