So, who do you bank with?

We keep seeing these switching offers, people making a lot of money, using burner accounts, DD's that don't pay out, etc, etc. But, we all need a bank account so who do you bank with, intend to stay with and why?

I'll start. I'm with Santander. I'm staying with them for the 7% and 5.2% savings accounts and the cashback on the rates, energy and phone direct debits.


  • xylophone
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    For main  transacting current accounts I use Santander/Lloyds/HSBC - however, Nationwide /Virgin/Barclays have their uses.

    With regard to switching, people tend to open "burner" accounts specifically for this purpose.
  • jimjames
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    A better question is who don't I bank with? Like Farage I don't have an account with Coutts. But I do have with most other banks.
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  • My main account is with First Direct. I've had the account for years and don't intend to move (although I use a Santander 123 account to pay utilities and get cashback).

    First Direct are always easy to contact in my experience. I can pay cheques in online, easily cancel direct debits if I need to and the one time I had a problem, with a fraudulent use of my debit card, the money was refunded instantly with no problems. I know that First Direct's excellent reputation has slipped a little recently but I still recommend them for customer service
  • j813ys
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    Natwest for income and bills, I have had it forever, its deep rooted. Chase for day to day spending, for spending seperation and the cash back.
  • Rob5342
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    I use Monzo for my main banking because of their pots which I find incredibly useful for budgeting. I may switch to Starling for the interest depending on how long Monzo keep offering cashback for. I'd be very reluctant to move to a bank that doesn't have pots.
  • My main account can be designated as such because it has a long history, an established pattern of inflows/outflows, and (coincidentally) happens to be with the same provider of my mortgage. I take advantage of the ongoing perks (e.g. cashback, rewards, linked savers) offered by most banks, and I also use Chase for their highly flexible/customisable options for managing payees.
  • My main banking is with Nationwide Building Society. I use this for bills and also use the insurance services of FlexPlus. I’m really impressed by customer service and the offers they do periodically. Plus, I love being able to open as many Flex Instant Savers as I wish (like a more fulfilled alternative to savings pots). This is a joint account.

    TSB Spend & Save Plus is used for everyday transactions (larger ones on the Virgin Atlantic credit card for safety). I’ve always enjoyed using the TSB card and like the benefits of Plus such as monthly cashback. This is a joint account.

    I’ve got a “treat account” which I add to regularly and use whenever I want something without dipping into my usual monthly transactions. That’s with Virgin Money for the current account convenience but decent interest rate. I also use it sometimes for abroad spending. This is a joint account.

    I also have a Lloyds Bank Classic which I just have in the background. I’ve never used it for years other than receiving or sending payments from people I’ve never interacted with before (for example, paying trade people). This account is just solo.
  • Jami74
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    My oldest account and the one which my salary goes into is Natwest. Despite peoples moans about them I've never had any problems and I also have a HTB ISA and a Digital Saver with them (as well as some 0%, 0% credit cards and a fixed saver ;)) I have accounts with lots of other banks too which all serve different purposes.
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  • My main account is with NatWest and has been for nearly two decades. I have another current account with Kroo which I use as a buffer for interest and fx fee free travel spend. I also have it as a backup in case NatWest decide to freeze my account etc

    I've recently opened a Monzo account to use as a burner account later next year (hopefully there will still be switch offers available).

    I have 1 salary and that is paid in to my NatWest account, I am not a millionaire and do not see any benefit from having umpteen current accounts left open and unused, my disposable income is placed strategically in the best savings accounts that suit my needs and my day-to-day spending is carried out on either my American Express or Barclaycard Avios, paid off in full by statement payment dates.

    I can only split my income so many ways, it seems pretty pointless to have a few hundred here and there unless it was making me a few hundred in return.
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    I have had Santander 123 for the last 10 years and don't intend to change, my pension goes in there and my bills and spending comes out. I have never thought of another account until I spotted the switching thread on here.

    Over the past year I have made £2500 from switching burner accounts for various offers, all funding in and out originated form Santander and I have never had an issue 

    I did take someone's advice to have a secondary account just in case so I chose NatWest, we have a local branch plus their regular saver is good, my Marcus account is funded from there, NatWest is funded from Santander 

    I now have 10 other accounts kept active by a rolling standing order to comply with Yougov fiancé that earns me £200 a year with no effort. 

    I don't do pots as I can't see the point unless you are tight for money. My mum had pots back in the 40's when we were struggling, I'm not struggling, retired and my income is less than £15,000, no benefits, a rented 1 bed flat 

    I don't have big savings, I do have a nice car and I'm as happy as Larry 

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