How much for extension over garage?



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    The nearest type of job I've worked on in recent years was about 5 years ago. 
    An old farmhouse, the owner wanted Jack and Jill bathrooms on top of a large stone built porch about 3x5m. Was built in timber frame to keep the weight down on the shallow foundations. Finished completed price for everything was just over 46K. He had one estimate of over 100k.
    If you want cavity walls over a single skin garage, it requires steels to take the inner skin.
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    I forgot this site needs absolute specifics to give any reasonable answer.

    A simple "many are about £10k on average" or a "when I had mine done, it was £50k" is what I'm looking for. Because the difference in the two is quite significant.

    You also could have said "if the foundations are okay, it'll be £15k, if not, closer to £30k" or something to actually guide instead of, what is effectively, a useless reply.
    TractorFactor - forum member 9 months - post count 63
    Doozergirl - forum member 222 months (25x as long) - post count 33,597 (533x)

    I'm not sure if you've had a good enough read around these forums to realise Doozergirl is a pretty experienced property developer who has an immense amount of knowledge & experience and as they say "been around the block". Heck, she's even been to the infamous New Year's Eve party during lockdown  :D

    As she says, it is nigh on impossible to give even rough figures without further information about the site, existing build, soil type, drainage qualities, conservation area, availability of local trades etc etc. My own experience includes several property developments over 25 years with typical spends of £250-£700k. I wouldn't be able to guess without loads of photos/map and/or a site visit.

    Is this a useless reply too?

    PS Freebear has given a ballpark figure that might work. Unless you're on a slope, old mine, flood plain etc

    Aw, that party!  I remember exactly where I was - physically and imaginatively.  I just searched for a random liqueur on the forum (galliano) and found the thread straight away ☺️ 

    For tractor person, we may not need specifics but an idea of anything at all is a good start.  I'd like to know what you do for a living if customers being entirely vague with you enables you to get anywhere close to providing the right sort of advice to them. 
    It is the same on the Investments and Pensions Board.
    Many new posters say things like ' I just inherited £50K, what should I do with it?'
    No indication of their age, employment, other savings, pension, mortgage, family etc .......
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