Samsung Health & Facebook Messenger notifications?

Keep it in the one thread as it's easier. 2 questions here...

1) When doing something like tracking a walk with my Samsung watch, I'll maybe take a photo on said walk & add it to the activity in Samsung Health.
Where are these attached images stored? Are they still on the phone, are they on Samsung servers or something? So that if I get rid of my phone, get a new phone & look back at my activities - the photos will still be there?

I ask because when I've done this on Garmin it takes a few seconds for the photo to finish being attached to the activity. When I do it with Samsung Health it's instant, which makes me wonder if it's stored on the phone?

2) How do you sort Messenger notifications so that you get notifications of messages through Messenger? To explain...

Some times I get them, many times I don't, which is incredibly annoying when you're selling things through Marketplace, don't get a notification until you go in to Messenger 4 days after it was sent, apologise to the potential buyer & then get told they bought elsewhere now.

Then the next day I could get messaged about an item & it'll come through instantly. There seems no consistency with it. It's not limited to just Marketplace items either - friends/family have messaged me using this (I tell them to use Whatsapp!) & some times it'll come through instantly, other times I wont get a notification at all. Then I'll see them in person & they'll ask if I got their message. 
What message?
Oh, yes I did but I didn't get the notification.

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