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So I have a really annoying address that basically shows up different on everyone’s system. I live in a flat within a house. For some reason the house has two different names in different systems - either Lincombe or Lindhome (idk why). Sometimes systems don’t even show the individual flats, they just list the address as Flat 1-5 for example. One of these is the DVLA, so I had to input the address manually and put ‘Flat X’ and the house number, street name etc. Now on my insurers system, it shows the house name ‘Lincombe’ (which is correct), after the flat number on my address. It is still the same address and all other address details are the same, they just have the house name added as well. Is this a problem?

Just to explain further, my address on driving licence is:

Flat X
7 X Road,

On insurance:
Flat X Lincombe,
7 X Road,


  • No, it's the same address as you say. 

    Most buy data in the form of the Royal Mail PAF file but there are other sellers of UK address data. Even in the PAF file some properties have more than one entry, my childhood home is in their twice once with its house name and a second one without it. 

    Some addresses have rarely used components and those can be problematic, a previous address was effective:

    5 The Street
    Main Road

    A lot of times it came out as:

    5 Main Road

    which wasn't correct because that was a different dwelling (and a very helpful young family who frequently redirected things for us)

    We also had the problem of when we moved our GP made our address:

    9 The Street
    Different Road

    Took them 2.5 years to work out how to remove "the street" element but thankfully the postie tended to know where to drop stuff off as there was no "9 the street" at all let alone it being a sub-street of Different Road
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