Defaults on credit report ( help )

Hello I’m Martin, was just hoping on some good advice really because can’t figure it out basically, so I have 2 defaults on my ClearScore account which I will upload pic on here so u understand what I mean, because one of the images say updated and when clicking onto it says opened account it’s confusing to no when too be aware of it’s actually coming off date, as the defaults dates are 2 years apart would be useful to no weather it should oready be off or still have fair bit of time yet still ? Thanks 🙏 


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    clarky89 said:
    the defaults dates are 2 years apart
    I don't see the actual default dates on those extracts, do you know exactly when each account was defaulted?
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    Are these two separate accounts or did Lowell buy the Virgin debt?
  • Thanks for replying, yes two different accounts I think the Lowell was a bt debt if I remember rightly, not sure if u can see the images from your side but basically when I go onto ClearScore I see a virgin and Lowell default and they say updated in 2019 and when clicking on each one they give u another saying date opened 2017 so iv no idea when my actual default date is, and too no weather it should of oready been took off my file or does it count from the updated 2019. 
  • So this is what I see right away on ClearScore ( imagine 1 ) then when I click on each default this is what I see ( imagine 2,3 )  not sure if default is the open date or updated date on image one, just don’t no when my 6 yr mark is up.. thanks 
  • fatbelly
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    I'm guessing the updated dates are the default dates but the presentation is really unclear.

    Whenever i've wanted to check mine i've just gone for an Experian statutory report, which is set out very logically
  • Thanks iv emailed same images to ClearScore team and they’ve said they think it’s actually 2018 which isn’t stated anywhere only the 2019 and 2017 which I was oready confused about, maybe I’m just best paying for a report weather it’s Equifax or Experian maybe that’s more accurate who knows tho lol . 
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