Moved home and can't see how to submit a gas meter reading to Octopus

I moved into my new place on Friday afternoon. Totally forgot to do meter readings at my old place but had smart meters anyway. Staying with Octopus for the new property as well. 
Just went this morning to submit meter readings here and have been able to submit an electricity reading no problem. But there is no option anywhere to submit a gas reading and these don't look like smart meters. 
Their customer service isn't open today and I will take a reading anyway but just wondered if I am missing something really obvious here. 


  • Sounds like your gas could be with another supplier. 

    Easy to find out using the find my supplier website.
  • When you move into a new house you inherit the energy providers used by the previous resident.  So unless they were with Octopus you have not stayed with Octopus and will have to transfer back to Octopus.  This should happen quite quickly once you initiate the process but there will be a small bill to pay to your inherited suppliers for the few weeks you were with them. 
  • I hope you haven’t submitted the opening reading for your new property onto the account for your previous address? 
    Was Octopus already supplying your new address or have you registered an account with the incumbent supplier and initiated a switch already?  
  • Things with Octopus may be a little different…

    OP - did you use the Octopus “move home” service? If so, check the address (supply) details on your account to see if they have already switched the service - they may have done. Also, use the “find my supplier” website to check who it says your gas supplier is, and ensure that you do contact them too if different…but if I were you ai would make the initial contact a fact finding - rather than disclosing - mission. Don’t give your name, just ask them to confirm if the property is still on supply (be ready to give the MPRN) with them, and if they have been made aware of any impending switch. 

    When we moved recently the Octopus system was so efficient the IHD here had already changed to show them supplying by the time we walked in the door, and although the previous supplier did send a hopeful fishing letter to try to entice us back, they were absolutely fine about it when I called them to say thanks, but no, and to check that the account was clear. 
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  • When I go into my Octopus account it now shows the credit from my old address but says they don't have the details of the old address (address was there when I first logged in this morning bit now it isn't there). 
    The new address is there and I have submitted the electricity meter reading. 

    I will use the link above to find out who the supplier is. Flippin' freezing as I can't figure out how to put the heating on so at least I'm not using gas anyway yet! 
  • Flippin' freezing as I can't figure out how to put the heating on so at least I'm not using gas anyway yet! 
    But you'll still be paying a standing charge and quite possibly not to Octopus at the moment.
  • Ovo is the gas supplier. 
    Thanks Essex Hebridean. Octopus seem to have switched over right away. I will take your advice and contact Ovo and check that they supply the gas. 
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