I survived (mini update)

Hi all. A few of you might remember my posts here from quite a few years ago. I went through a load of difficult situations and had a really bad time of it. 

I've been in a meditative mood today, reflecting on the past which prompted me to look at the old threads I posted before. This isn't to brag or anything, just to speak into the void a little I guess! It was really upsetting to read back my own words and see just how bad things were. 

It's been a weird few years. I had a long term job at a local authority, which ended in July after 2 years of dealing with a boss who sexually assaulted, harassed and bullied me and others. I am still dealing with emotions from that really as it was destructive and frustrating. 

However, I got a new job outside that organisation with NHS who are putting me through my qualifications to become a qualified accountant. THIS from a girl who couldn't pass maths GCSE - but I did pass years ago on my own dime. The job is great and I feel like it's a real investment in my future, as well as being non toxic and fab for work life balance. 

I adopted 2 rescue dogs 3 years ago, who are my world! 

My son is now 12 and doing well, diagnosed with additional needs but we've got a fantastic supportive relationship. He is everything. 

I also bought a house in 2021, just a little 2 up 2 down, but made a HUGE difference for all of us, location wise, mentally, and gives us so much pride. 

We go on holiday a few times a year and we've travelled most of Europe, been to US twice. This started from me having nothing but still saving pennies to take my son away, now an addiction! 

So. Things are good.

I haven't seen or heard from my family in over 10 years. I know from other people my sister has kids and they both still live with my mum. They apparently are heavily controlled and I doubt this will ever change. My nan died last year so that's really the last tie to my so called family. I do have some family on my dad's side, who are ok but pretty distant as they have their own lives. 

Unfortunately I haven't really been very lucky in the social part of my life. Dated a guy for a few years, he ended up stalking me after it finished so I haven't dated since. I lost 1 friend after I moved away with my house move. I had another friend ghost me after I needed her. I haven't really been able to make new friends and honestly terrified to try. If I'm honest, most of the time I'm happy being a hermit with what I do have, but there is a sadness and loneliness too. 

I think I've popped on here just to share where I'm at, if that's ok, and try and recognise the journey but recognise it's not finished yet too. There are days I feel like I've been through too much for a normal life and other really bad days where I think I won't escape where I started from. But there are also those where I know I've come so far. Anyway, hi again. 

Up and onwards to the future!



  • njkmr
    njkmr Posts: 91
    First Post
    I'm new to the forum but I'm glad to hear a positive story of someone who has stayed strong and got past some terrible times.
    Well done and good luck for the future, it sounds like things will get even better for you and your son .
  • Also relatively new here, but its great to hear that you are now doing better than you once were. You sound like you are a strong willed person and that will do wonders for you moving forward :)
  • tooldle
    tooldle Posts: 1,464
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    Hi Wiggywoo9, I remember you although I don’t think I’ve commented on any of your previous posts. Pleased to hear things are going well, both for you and your son. 
  • Shelldean
    Shelldean Posts: 2,385
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    Hey wiggywoo I do remember you and all the issues.

    Keep going xxxx
  • sheilavw
    sheilavw Posts: 1,593
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    so happy that things are going well for you wiggywoo. It's lovely to hear happy outcomes
  • honeypop
    honeypop Posts: 1,501
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    Wiggy I remember you and it sounds weird but you and 'Wiglet' used to pop into my mind occasionally. I'm sorry about your nan, you seemed to have a good connection with her if I remember rightly, but I'm happy to hear how things are for you now. Thank you for updating! 
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