ULEZ - Fined in error!


I had a vehicle that was not ULEZ compliant (Ford), on a private number plate.
I sold that vehicle and purchased a new vehicle (VW) that IS ULEZ complaint and transferred the private reg onto this vehicle.

I have now received a ULEZ fine as the Ulez computer, thinks I am still driving my old Ford, therefore fined for not paying the Ulez, however I was driving my VW that is Ulez compliant.
The picture on the fine shows my VW!!

I appealed and sent copy of my V5 and my private reg certificate but today I received a letter stating that in order to process my representation i need to send further evidence.

They are asking for:
Both V5 - I cant provide old V5 as car was px
V948 - I assume this is for the Ford (I do have this)
Conformity Certificate - I have this
A letter from the Manufacturer to compare NOx and Particlual Matter Emissions??? Surely the CC is enough? Do I need to contact my car dealer asking for a letter? Seems absurd!

Any advice welcome
Thank you


  • eskbanker
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    The request is purely a cautiously-worded suggestion: "The evidence you may wish to consider providing could include [...]" so don't feel under any obligation to send every item on that list!
  • I did notice that, but bully boys may uphold their fine if I don't 'cooperate'
  • Bigphil1474
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    Just send them as much as you can, and let them work it out. If you don't have a document, you can't send it. Hopefully, you can see it's an easy mistake to make, and one that should be easily remedied. It's probably just been a delay between their database and their source data updating which car the VRN relates to.
  • Send them proof of the transfer of ownership or sale of the previous vehicle.
  • Okell
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    ... They are asking for:
    Both V5 - I cant provide old V5 as car was px ...

    They aren't asking for the V5 of the old car that you part x'd, are they?

    When they say "both VRMs", aren't they referring to your new Volkswagen and the documentation in respect of it for (a) the original VRM on it when you bought it, and (b) for your "vanity" plate currently on it?  (At least that's what I read it as meaning but I'm not an expert on the mechanics of swapping number plates and the paperwork involved).

    As others have said, they aren't telling you that you must provide certain types evidence.  They are simply asking for more evidence and have given examples of what might constitute that evidence.

    We don't know what evidence you have already provided but I'd have thought evidence of the sale of your old car, evidence of the purchase of the new one, and evidence of the VRM transfer between cars would be enough.  They want evidence as to why the car with your old VRM on has gone from being non-compliant to compliant. 

    Whatever you've already told them is not sufficient to satisfy them
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