Amazon Parcel not arrived, this is a constant problems don't know what to do?

I appologise in advance if this is long.

Since September I've started to have constant problems with parcels going missing and never arriving or turning up very late.

I order alot from Amazon and pay alot of money for Prime to get free next day delivery, but it's rare that I receive anything next day now, normally it takes atleast 3 days.

I begin to wonder why I pay for prime and think I'll cancel when my current subscription ends.

Any way I've had to request refunds a few times recently for items I never received.

I was expecting some items I had ordered From Amazon to be delivered today. They were meant to be delivered by royal mail. On Amazon Website it says Arriving by 8pm today. But postman has already been and no parcel.

I went back on Amazon and got tracking number and checked tracking number on royal mail website and it shows items were dispatched.

They arrived at Midlands Super Hub last Thursday, they were then sent to Preston MC and arrived at Preston MC in the early hours of Friday Morning. Then for some reason instead of parcel being sent on to my local delivery depo even further north it was sent back the other way and arrived back at Midlands Super Hub at 5.50pm on Saturday. 
Tracking hasn't been updated since Saturday.

Why would it be sent back to where it came from?, damaged postal label, parcel damaged or maybe just a mistake. Any one had this and still recieved parcel. I'm not holding out much hope of receiving items.

If they don't arrive I don't know what to do, as don't feel I can request refunds for not receiving them as am afraid my account will be closed for requesting too many refunds.

I don't request refunds often, but unfortunately I have had to recently due to continually not recieving parcels. 

I've heard and read that Amazon take in to account all refunds including when it's not your fault. It seems very unfair and wrong.

I can't afford to loose My Amazon account, I have medical conditions that mean I can't drive and strugle to get out so rely on ordering online to be delivered.

Should I just take the hit. Any one know what the limit is on refunds before they close your account is there a magic number?

Any advice much appreciated

Thanks in advance 



  • elsien
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    I wouldn’t rely too much on the tracking. I had a Royal mail 48 parcel. It should’ve arrived on the Saturday and eventually came the following Thursday. According to the tracking it is still on its way.
    All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

    Pedant alert - it's could have, not could of.
  • Thanks I hope it does arrive as really need the items, I'll have to see if it arrives later this week. 
  • visidigi
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    Is it all being sent royal mail and not turning up?

    Or is there a mix of couriers who are failing to deliver?

    I had an 2 x items coming to me in reinforced boxes via Royal Mail, ordered from Amazon, first one turned up a day late, second one turned up six days later, in a plastic bag and it looked like someone had driven over it. twice. 5 bottles of 12 survived. Post is taking days longer than it should, small packets not turning up at all and more.

    Royal Mail are having big problems at the moment and admitting to none of them.
  • Don't order much from Amazon these days but had a parcel due Friday, Monday it was in Dublin, Tuesday it was in Amazon's St Helen's Centre, Wednesday it was in their Redditch Centre and then that was it until today when it was delivered by Royal Mail. 

    Does you make you think about the environmental impact of buying a roll of sandpaper but I forgot to add it to my last Toolstation click and collection order (where it would have been £1 cheaper). 

    The Amazon order page usually says something along the lines "sorry this is running late, please come back for a refund if not delivered by x date" so you're only following their instructions really

    They don't publish the criteria for deciding what customers to say goodbye to but if the tracking is not updating to delivered you'd hope Amazon would have the sense to keep a loyal customer. :) 
  • molerat
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    Are you 100% certain your delivery address on Amazon is correct as per the RM data ?
    Do you live out of the way, a flat in a huge block or a normal house in a street in a town ?

  • All the parcels that have not turned up recently have been delivered by Amazon or royal Mail. More royal mail than Amazon but still a mix of the two.

    Since complaining when last parcels never arrived, Amazon seem to have changed the depo that they deliver from  too are area, we have a different deliver driver and things have improved. 

    My address is definitely correct.  I live in a house on a small estate of about 12 houses in a small village in the country side.

    Wish royal mail could improve they are terrible.

  • Aylesbury_Duck
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    Royal Mail is all over the place at the moment.  I live in a pretty large town in Surrey and am getting what I would consider to be a rural mail service - maybe two or three times a week at best.
  • baser999
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    We’ve had Royal Mail deliver on Sundays around here - only parcels, not mail
  • Hoenir
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    We haven't had daily mail deliveries for a while now. Over a certain size parcels aren't delivered by the Postie. 
  • GingerTim
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    Just a sanity check: are you choosing next day delivery, or 'Prime Day delivery'?
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