Barclays Blue a 2nd £5 fee taken this month?

Can anyone enlighten me as to why Barclays have taken 2 lots of £5 this month, has something changed about Barclays Blue Rewards that I didn't spot?
Yesterday as usual at the beginning of the month, they took the £5 which shows as Barclays Blue Rewards -£5 and if you view transaction, description is Blue Rewards Fee CB taken 19:50 on 2nd, and today I got a you've spent £5 notice I wasn't expecting so checked and they also took another £5 which shows as Blue Rewards Fee CB  -£5 taken at 07:47 on the 3rd.
Anyone else experienced this?


  • Thanks for sharing, I don't use the debit card for cashback and therefore wasn't following that thread so didn't notice the comments. At least it's not just me and they are aware, so will await the refund when they sort themselves out.
  • Thanks - was just coming here to ask the same question. 
  • I have noticed the same, I have also noticed I haven’t received any cash back against any spending either… has this happened to anyone else also
  • GTR_King
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    I noticed this as well, 

    hopefully Barclays can sort it, 
  • EarthBoy
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    Text received at 18:43

    "We're so sorry, a Blue Rewards fee has left your account today by mistake. We'll refund the fee to your account next week - we'll send you another message as soon as it's done. Thanks for your patience. Your Barclays team"
  • Shakin_Steve
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    edited 3 November 2023 at 8:11PM
    I received a text a couple of weeks ago apologising for any outgoing payments that may have been taken twice. Nothing had been taken twice, but it sounds like an ongoing problem.

    Edit: Just logged in and blue rewards was only taken once from my account, yesterday.
    I came into this world with nothing and I've got most of it left.
  • Barclays have now started to refund the £5 Blue Rewards fee taken in error last Friday.
  • Anyone else a fiver up😀? I only had the fee taken out once, was also able to redeem the £5 blue rewards but also received a fiver ‘refund’.
  • Nick_C
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    Tangential, but probably related.  My £10 cachback for November's Debit Card spending has been credited to my current account twice.

    Are Barclays actually competent?
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