EDF 'smart meter required' tariffs - how long can you delay

I know this is a rather contentious subject as the terms are quite clear and some people around here have very polarised views on smart meters.

I personally don't have any particular objections to smart meters. I have only delayed having a smart meter installed because of all the horror stories I've read on here about EDF (or their subcon installers) messing up E7 smart meter installations - such as the rates being reversed, all hours being charged at day rate, not using a 5-port meter, etc. In addition to that our current meter's clock is a bit off which means we get cheap rate until about 09:00 rather than 07:30, enabling me to get a second load of washing/drying done after waking up which is inadvertently saving us quite a lot with our two little children and the amount of soiled laundry that they create!

However I took out their 3 year fix a couple of months ago knowing that I would have to agree to having a smart meter installed.

I've not been 'harassed' yet other than receiving the standard letter saying that it is required, please book, and if you repeatedly refuse you will be put back on the SVR, etc.

I'd prefer to delay the installation until the spring, rather than have them mess up the installation and be overcharged or have delays/hassle getting it rectified during winter when we use a very large amount of off-peak electricity for heating. Or even worse it fails to power the secondary distribution board which provides the off-peak feed to the heaters.

In reality, are they likely to terminate the contract if I ignore their requests to install a smart meter until April/May? If so then I'll have to bite the bullet and let them install it during the winter.

As a secondary consideration I'm aware the installers often use a 4-port meter and separate ALCS - this is what eON did at my parents house. However our meter box is indoors above the back door and so is much smaller than an average meter box, so there isn't actually space for a separate ALCS and the interconnecting cabling. Is there any way to 'force' them to come with a 5-port meter, other than waiting for them to come, find they've not got one and have a wasted visit?


  • They tend to go from request to book, to booking on your behalf and sending you a message so you have to contact them to cancel - I'd guess that would take maybe 3 months? 

    If they make an appointment for you and you phone them up - telling them about your need for a 5 point meter etc then chances are they'll turn up with the wrong thing anyway and have to rebook... so if you get started now and TRY to get the new meter installed as soon as possible, April feels entirely realistic ;) 
    I'm not an early bird or a night owl; I’m some form of permanently exhausted pigeon.
  • Thanks for that, sounds like a good strategy based on the known level of competence :)
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