Monthly bill for electricity is missing, only gas bill was issued - Octopus

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Hello all, I'm hoping to double check if it is normal to only recieve a gas monthly bill, and no bill for electricity. I think this is the first time it happened since we joined Octopus in Nov last year.

We are on smart meter tariffs for gas and electricity (readings every 30min), and until now Octopus issued a combined gas/electricity bill every month. But this month they only provided the gas bill, and I'm a bit worried why electricity is missing (we're on intelligent tariff and I've read couple of horror stories of Octopus charging a standard rate because something went wrong in their system! That would be painful if it should happen to us due to EV electricity usage....)

Gas: warm air central heating, separate instant water heater, Octopus tracker
Electricity: about 3kw south facing solar array, EV, Octopus intelligent, thinking about getting a battery...


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    This happens to us periodically. Just send an email to Hello@Octopus and they usually generate me an electric bill within a couple days. It happens when they are missing a reading off the smart meter so they just manually grab it. I've never been charged max rate (was on go and now IO) but worth checking the bill just inase.

    That said its in their t&c's so you can't do much about it. Should be fine though.
  • Have you asked Octopus?
  • fatbelly
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    Can you give them a manual reading. This will generate a bill
  • Keep_pedalling
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    fatbelly said:
    Can you give them a manual reading. This will generate a bill
    That won’t help, the OP is on Intelligent Octopus and the problem is some missing half hour readings. I had this earlier in the year with Octopus Go and it was sorted with Octopus doing some sort of manual intervention to get the missing data.

    To reassure the OP they wont move you to SVR in these circumstances, but you will probably need to chase them up to get it done.
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