Shiply courier item not delivered

Hi, am new here and looking for some advice as I'm feeling a bit desperate.

I won an eBay auction for a Victorian door (for £250) and used Shiply to find a courier. I've used Shiply before and not had a problem so didn't hesitate to book a company called Easy couriers/EJP couriers who have generally excellent reviews, and lots of them.

Everything seemed to be fine and professional, they collected my item on the agreed date but the next day just didn't turn up at the agreed delivery time and I could not get hold of them at all. They later messaged and apologised, claiming the van had broken down.

Since then it has been an absolute nightmare to get in contact with them. They reply intermittently to say the van is still broken etc. I can see on Shiply that they have continued to complete jobs after mine was booked so I feel that was a lie. 

I accepted long ago that I've lost the money I paid them for the delivery, but I am desperate to get the item delivered to me even if that means booking another courier to collect from them, as the door is a one off and was very hard to find. 

They are now ignoring all my messages on Shiply/email/text and Google seems to suggest they have closed down the business. 

It feels like they have essentially stolen the door, but I don't know what else to do. Shiply are being useless, informing the police seems quite extreme but I don't know if I have any other avenues to explore? 

I would be so grateful for any advice, thank you


  • I'm curious as to where in the country you are?  I wonder if you live in a part of the country they don't visit often and they are waiting for more work in your area to make the journey worthwhile?
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    PersonGrubbyGirl_2 said:
    I'm curious as to where in the country you are?  I wonder if you live in a part of the country they don't visit often and they are waiting for more work in your area to make the journey worthwhile?
    Shipley is a personalised service, you book from door to door .

    OP, I would go to the police, the fact you can't contact anyone suggests someone has your door and since you can't retrieve it that must be theft. However I would give Shipley a call first and explain that due to non contact you have no alternative other than report this to the police and you wanted to inform them before you went ahead. 
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    Looks like you're not alone if you check reviews on Google, the business is marked as closed.

    This is the business owner you need to chase, so you could start by calling Norfolk police

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    could call on him with a 'heavy' in tow?
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    I'm going through the exact same problem with Shiply! This company that I booked via shiply picked up an armchair in London over a week ago and now won't return my calls or answer messages. The police can't help and referred me to trading standards. I googled them and there's a company called DELIVERY BUDDIES LIMITED at the same address. The phone number on the Shiply website doesn't work and even my negative Trustpilot review didn't seem to work! Any strategies very welcome!

    Company Name: Delivery Track Limited
    Telephone: +(Removed by Forum Team)
    Mobile: +(Removed by Forum Team)
    Address 1: 16 Gutteridge Avenue
    Town: Coventry
    County: United Kingdom
    Post Code: CV6 2FY
  • One more thing! i think the couriers do a trick where they mark the item (falsely) as delivered and then post a positive review of the customer to make their rankings look ok. BUT this is false - the items haven't been delivered 
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