UC - Earnings Not Showing

Hi All,
Briefly my PILON earnings from my TUPE employer were made on September 15th, with the 15th also being the last date of my UC monthly assessment period.
This didn't show up on my monthly UC statement the following week, which I thought no more of as I just thought it was delayed because of the matching dates and it would show up on my October statement. It hasn't.
I've spoken to HMRC this morning who confirmed they had received notification of the payment on September 15th and that this would have been transferred over to UC, although he wasn't able to confirm this had been done as it's an automated system (this is supposed to be done several times a day if I've fathomed correctly?)
I'm obviously going to have to report this to UC but can anyone advise on the processes involved? 
Am I going to get any grief over this? Like everyone else I want as little contact with them as possible so any advice will be gratefully appreciated.


  • huckster
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    Use your journal payment option to query why the earnings reported to HMRC have not yet been taken into consideration  when calculating UC payment awards. Tell them amount received, date it was received and name of employers.

    They will then look into it and if necessary set you a to-do action so you can add the missing earnings info.  This will then enable UC awards recalculation and you can be advised of any overpayment. 
    The comments I post are personal opinion. Always refer to official information sources before relying on internet forums. If you have a problem with any organisation, enter into their official complaints process at the earliest opportunity, as sometimes complaints have to be started within a certain time frame.
  • Thanks for the reply and is it really that simple?
    Due to serious health issues I'm having to go through a work assessment and I'm struggling with filling in a UC50 form at the same time as all this.
    I'm trying to get help with CAB in filling this in along with other issues I'm having. Everything's just falling in on me at once and I'm struggling to cope with it all and it's just finishing me off.
    Have you any idea what a 'to-do action' might entail? I'd been receiving a UC top up on my then full time earnings since around May last year which wasn't any issue as I was just left alone.
    I've had nothing to do with benefits in almost 35 years apart from this. Worst of it is in 9 months I'm 66 and would be dealing with a pension if I'm still breathing instead of all this.
  • A 'to-do' will simply be a task for you to complete, i.e. filling in the details for the missing earnings.
  • Okay, thanks. I just don't want them being heavily on my back with everything else going on as I've done nothing wrong.
    Will let them know later then or in the morning when I get back.
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    edited 24 October 2023 at 4:54PM
    Mistakes do happen - and if you tell them on your journal payments section  that you think they have made a mistake and paid you too much then it puts you in their 'good books' straight away.
    It also creates a record. so they can't later say 'well you should have told us about that at the time' , because you did tell them.
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