Creditfix Annual Review

I am currently in an IVA with Creditfix, just had my 2 year review and I have a question for any current/former clients of theirs.

I gave over my Income and Expenses both last year and this year in line with the agreement, however upon receiving my Annual Review Statement Email, in a section dubbed "Clients Income & Expenses" they stated they had not received my I&E and we're pursuing me for that information.

They do have this information as they called me to confirm some details relating to my I&E and asked about reducing some expenditure to keep my payments the same, even though I mentioned I had reduced spending elsewhere to pay extra towards the monthly payments.

My question is, should I be worried that my Creditors could be unhappy with the supposed lack of I&E provided?

Thanks in advance.


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    It's hard to say why Creditfix have written that. I suspect it's in their template and no-one read down far enough to see that it should be changed.

    Probably none of the creditors will read it either.

    Creditfix are a huge IVA factory so not a lot of time seems to be spent on any one case. I doubt this will cause a problem.
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    Don`t think of your creditors as being happy or unhappy with your arrangement, It`s pretty much a certainty that no one actually reads these forms, they are just filed and forgotten.

    There are millions of such forms from insolvent clients, as fatbelly laments above, they are a huge IVA factory, churning out tons of bits of paper, mostly templated for ease of use, I would not lose sleep over this.
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  • Did they not send you a login link - which basically automatically reads your bank account and performs its own I&E assessment. I think it was Experian Castlight when I did it. When it was first set up I filled out a manual I&E form with the advisor over the phone and then from that day onwards it was just a case of allowing some form of open banking arrangement to take place during the annual review. They'd then call if they had any queries.

    I found them to be OK, very rushed and no attention to detail which, to be honest, worked in my favour.....
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