Kitchen cabinet bugs, spreading throughout ground floor

Good afternoon

We are starting to have issues with some bugs inside the house, initially there were one-two here and there in the kitchen cupboards and now throughout all ground floor (lounge/dining area)
My wife used different methods to get rid of them, cleaning inside cupboards with water and vinegar, cleaning products, etc it would be fine for some days or a week maximum and then reappear

For quite a while we struggled to know what they are, googling this can confuse and take you to way different topics, nothing similar and people speculating a lot

Today luck struck, I was taking my laptop from top bookshelf in the lounge and on top of computer mouse pad I've seen one (they are hard to keep still, until today we couldn't take a pic)

Please see pics attached and let us know what they are and how to get rid of them (googling different topics we found out that Rentokil insect killer would be best among all other products - is that true?)
PS. Pic is taken zoom 3.5 to 4/5 they are very very tiny, barely can see their legs or shape with naked eye

Looking forward hearing from you 

Thank you


  • marcia_
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    edited 22 October 2023 at 4:53PM
     Looks like Carpet beetles. You'll need an insecticide
  • bex2012
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    Looks like weevils, they LOVE dried food, flour, biscuits etc. Cleaning with vinegar wont do anything, you need to go through every open packet in every cupboard until you find the source, and bin it. Then invest in some sealed storage containers. My parents had an infestation a few years ago, took me and my sister two days to find it, turned out it was an ancient box of paxo at the very top and back of the cupboard.
  • mustiuc
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    Hi both
    Thank your your reply
    We've been through all kitchen and binned everything, including cleaning, desinfecting etc
    These things returned (unless something is behind kitchen and we don't have access to)

    We invested in food containers and found them inside as well 

    We'll bin again all the cabinets contents and start again

    By the look of it we have them all over ground floor, regardless of no food or something similar is kept there 
  • bex2012
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    How long have you lived in the house? If fairly recently moved in, take a look on top of the kitchen cupboards, or behind the plinth at the bottom - previous owner could have squirrelled something away. 

    Or take a look outside. Any evidence of birds getting in the house anywhere, or any nests?
  • if it were me I'd be getting the professionals in as they have spread to the whole of the ground floor

  • Update

    Fingers crossed / touch wood 😁

    After days of searching online, reading products reviews and loads of forums for other people experiences in using bug killers, I have tried the Rentokil insect spray (about 6 cans of 250ml) for the entire kitchen and dining/lounge

    Luckily it seems we got rid of them or at least we haven't seen them since
    We had to throw loads of stuff including books, frames, bags, cards, and things that we would've kept for long time if this wouldn't happen 

    Definitely we'll do another cleanup after winter for our piece of mind

    Don't know what else to say, both of us feel bad for being so ignorants and leaving this issue to escalate so badly to a point where we had an infestation all over the place

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