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I have a Windows10 laptop. I have used Google Maps for years. A few weeks ago the view changed and not for the better. I now find them very unclear. I cannot see the clear outline of a country for example. There are too many confusing other lines.

My wife's Windows10, and her new Windows11 laptop still have the original views that I used to get and that I liked. We both use exactly the same URL and search criteria. How can I get Google Maps to revert to the original views.

Is there a better free map app?

These are the views I used to get and the views I now get.

The views I like and want.

The views I now get and dislike.

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    Personally I don't mind the new colours, no more or less than the old anyway.

    Your comparison images are also slightly misleading as the country level ones are at two entirely different scales and at the same scale as the first one, the new colour scheme doesn't look anywhere near as bad.

    However, it appears to really be setting off people with some level of colour blindness which is not good and if it doesn't work for you, that is also not good.

    There does not appear to currently be a way of switching between overlays, so maybe make your voice heard on the Google site where there is a thread running on the topic 
  • You'll be trading away features if you move away from Google Maps, but Bing and OpenStreetMap are both pretty good

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