Overpayment letter from the DWP

This might be in wrong place if so accept my apologies as im new to this.
I received a letter yesterday from the DWP with regards to what they added on letter as an overpayment of something to which and what i have no idea. I have worked it out and the discrepancy  is over £500. Now i cant work out why i owe this amount i have had budgeting loans for max of £348 in past and one im paying back now that finishes at end of November. As far as I am aware i get everything I should be getting. and have been in all time i have been on benefits. I also would like to point out I would contact them directly but unable to as im deaf and dont use a phone. I tried welfare rights only to be told cant do anything due to the data act. Any help/Advice will be greatfully accepted here. Im not sure what to do here as never had this since 1977 when i first signed on the Dole as it was back then have worked in between many times but first time i have come across this and its not doing my severe depression any good worrying about why i owe so much.


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    What benefits do you get?
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    You need to get in touch and request/demand details of the alleged overpayment.
  • I get ESA in a support group one with having disabilities. i have no way of getting in touch other than a letter sent to them and from past experience of that i cant guarantee they will get it either or if they do dont acknowledge they have as sent many in past and never got so they tell me anyway.
  • Relay UK to contact them? https://www.relayuk.bt.com/
  • Found out what it was apparently its council tax housing benefit i owe for, i received nothing from the council first i heard was this from the DWP yesterday then another DWP letter today with all details on it about it i have to pay £11.30 a week back until november 2025 as i owe according to letter £602.11 to which i cant understand why when i had letters with amounts on at start of tax year and all i had to pay was a few pounds per month and was paid in full around may time. but thank you all for help given it was appreciated
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