EasyJet holidays didn’t book hotel

My daughter and her boyfriend have just arrived at their holiday destination (at 11pm) only to be told there is no booking at the hotel and the hotel is full. Easyjet have transferred them to an alternative hotel for the night and said they will contact them in the morning. What are their rights/entitlements on this please?? 
I’m fuming, my daughter is only 19 and her first holiday without parents!! 


  • sammyjammy
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    These things happen, if she is old enough to go on holiday without you she is old enough to sort it out.  Sounds like Easyjet have done the right thing and found them somewhere to stay, see what the call this morning brings.
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  • frugalmacdugal
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    all part of the excitement of first holiday abroad with the boyfriend, away from the parents watchful eyes, with a bit of luck, might get an upgrade.
  • laramh
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    fully aware she is old enough
    I’m asking if anyone knows what their rights are on this ie alternative accommodation, or whether they could book their own accommodation and claim the cost back ), not for parenting tips 
  • TELLIT01
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    If Easyjet has provided alternative overnight accommodation you/she needs to wait and see what they come up with today.  She certainly can't just book into any other hotel that takes her fancy and expect EJ to pick up the bill.  As long as the new hotel is comparable to that originally booked, she may get some compensation for the disruption to the holiday but it would probably be a few pounds only.
  • 400ixl
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    Look at the T&C's of the booking. Usually it allows for the provider to change the accommodation provided it is of the same rating.

    You will as a minimum have to see what they offer as their alternative for the rest of the vacation.
  • laramh said:
    fully aware she is old enough
    I’m asking if anyone knows what their rights are on this ie alternative accommodation, or whether they could book their own accommodation and claim the cost back ), not for parenting tips 
    The young lady is an adult - that's the point being made about reference to her age, it's not relevant to the unfortunate situation she and her partner are in.
    This may not be Easyjet's fault in the first instance - best to wait until an explanation is forthcoming.
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    The thing she needs to look at is whether they are in a hotel with at least the same star rating and facilities.  There may be some compensation for being further away from the beach etc.  And I would think she could insist on moving or not depending on how satisfied with where they've been put.  I would get cranky and complain if Easyjet suggested they needed to move every day or two. 
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    Insisting on moving does rather depend on the availability of equivalent options wherever she staying.
    But yes she does need to see what they come up with first rather than booking something herself.
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  • Thanks to all those that have posted helpful replies. 
    As any parent would understand, we all want to support our kids if we can, irrelevant of how old or capable they are. 
    So they have been given alternative apartments that are a lower star than the original, with less facilities, but given half board and £150 back. It seems fair ish, but still not what they were expecting, and accommodation had been carefully selected by them, as it is a birthday celebration holiday. 
    I think their intention is a strongly worded letter of complaint, and possible claim on return to UK, but I doubt they will get anywhere with EasyJet! 
    Useful life lesson learned I guess…. Don’t book a holiday with easyJet again! 
  • la531983
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    A claim on what basis? Extra meals and £150 back  (what percentage of the overall cost is this) looks reasonable enough tbh, what else is she expecting?
    No official "compo" is due, you are relying on goodwill from now on in. 

    As a counterbalance, the two holidays I have booked and been on with Easyjet Holidays have been fine. No, I don't work for them. 
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