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Hi everyone. About to get a car from Cazoo on PCP agreement. It was advertised with having only one key. Would I be entitled to go ahead and obtain a second key by myself, or would I have to go via Cazoo. I can’t seem to find anything definitive on their or any other website and they aren’t wonderful at answering the phone. I can’t believe I’m the only one in the world with this problem. 


  • fatbelly
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    It' a very common problem and easily remedied if you are prepared to spend £100 or so

    I ran a car with one key for several years. It's not ideal but bought and sold it with no problems.
  • KeithGG
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    Thanks fat belly, aside from just wanting a spare just in case, I’m also worried my insurance company would think I’ve been careless with a spare key I never had in the first place in case of a theft claim, for example. Also kinda worrying someone out there may be sitting on that other key. 
  • KeithGG
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    .. my original question remains though. Am I entitled to organise a second key myself, or does the leasing company have to deal with it - probably at a higher cost to me. 
  • facade
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    You can organise it, it is just a repair really.
    You have to hand the car back in good order without any modifications. (Subject to very minor permitted wear & tear*)

    Get a price for the second key before you buy the car. Some cars e.g. Rangerovers cost hundreds for a new key (yet they stolen off your drive in seconds without one......)

    You need someone to come out to the car and delete the missing key as well as program a new one.

    * if you intend to hand it back, make absolutely certain that when you get it there isn't the slightest mark on it anywhere, as they will try and charge you for it when you hand it back.
    I want to go back to The Olden Days, when every single thing that I can think of was better.....

    (except air quality and Medical Science ;))
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    PCP is not a lease, it is a form of hire purchase. Cazoo are just the retailers, the finance (and hence the owner until the finance is paid off) will be with some other company.
  • Get them to do it for you (at reasonable cost of course), it's part of the service they should be providing in return for your money.  Otherwise go the relevant car dealership and they can sort it out for you.
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    I could not function as an owner/driver with just one key.
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    OP, if you go to your local Keys'R'Us (or whatever), how would the finance company ever know?
  • Be careful, some cars require a new ECU for a key.  They can be v.v.expensive to clone and code.
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    Be careful, some cars require a new ECU for a key.  They can be v.v.expensive to clone and code.
    This ^^^

    I can get a new key for my car, provided I still have a working one. Lose the only key and I'm in a world of pain/expense with a new immobiliser controler etc.

    Personally, I wouldn't touch a modern car with only one key. Either the dealer sorts out a spare, at no cost, or I'd go elsewhere. 
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