Lloyds Club switch bonus not paid

I switched my bank to Lloyds (having clicked through from MSE newsletter dated 25th April), to take advantage of better rates and £175 switch bonus. I met all the criteria (pay in more than £2k pm, not had a Lloyds account in the previous 2 years, completed the switch of my DDs from my old account) and Lloyds have not paid the £175. Having tried to resolve this for some time, I'm now getting denials that the offer even existed and that they won't honour any offers advertised via 3rd parties (e.g. MSE). They won't accept the original email as evidence. I have raised a formal complaint, but no response yet. Martin can you help please?


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    Martin sold this website a long time ago and is no longer involved other than getting royalties for his name and image to be used.

    You need to complain to Lloyds and if after receiving the final response/deadlock letter you still aren't happy (or 8 weeks pass) then you can escalate the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman. 
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    Never trust MSE to do things properly - they often paraphrase things, or just outright get things wrong. The only thing that matters is the actual T&Cs from the bank concerned - are you able to provide us with a copy/link to these please?

    Looking back at the newsletter from 25 Apr 2023 though, I can't seem to find any mention of the Lloyds incentive you are referring to?


    Otherwise if you believe you have satisfied the full terms of the offer and Lloyds is refusing to pay out, then as above I'd advise you to complain.
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    slj13 said:
    ...I'm now getting denials that the offer even existed ...
    https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/search/#stq=club lloyds&stp=1
    Select 'Weekly Email'
    I see only June 6, June 22

    9 May 2023
    It's possible, but very unlikely that there was some offer in April and then it was 'back' on the 9th of May.

  • The only £175 switch mentioned in the MSE newsletter of 25 April 2023 is for First Direct.

    No link to click on for Club Lloyds 🤷‍♂️
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    As others have said, the offer you say you took up doesn't exist in the weekly email you quote - so you've either quoted the wrong date for the newsletter or you switched to the wrong bank!  The only £175 incentives in the time around last spring, iirc, were Halifax and First Direct. 

    You say you have the 'original email' - perhaps you could copy and paste the wording from that so we can see what it says.
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    I did a club Lloyds switch recently and never got paid.Switched a Halifax account into Lloyds . I have never received a bonus from Halifax or Lloyds before,although I did a switch into Halifax from another bank I never received a bonus as it was the wrong qualifying account.
    Lloyds switch terms say can switch Halifax as long as never received a bonus before but they still never paid me
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