Allianz travelling insurance disgusting way of doing business

I am insured for years for all year round travel holiday with Allianz, I have booked 3 holidays ( one was due today) one trip in France September 23 ,one cruise in October23 in the Med, one cruise in India in January 24 .the first 2 booked in July 23 the last one booked in September 22.
my partner had a cough in march 23 done few test ,x ray , mri for 3 months approximately in August 23 she was told to see specialist and had biopsy 31 August 23 results 8 September 23  it’s lung cancer .
on 13 September I called Allianz to let them know that we might have to cancel the holidays, they sold me an extra cover for medical condition declaration covering me for the £10k cost of holidays, the same afternoon I got their email I contacted them for a question as I wasn’t happy with the transcript, they then cancelled my policy, told me it wasn’t the end of the world and I could get another insurance to cover me and to be reassured that if I quote for example she was pouring a boiling kettle on her hand she would be covered ( who says things like that)
the following morning I got an email accepting my cancellation request ( I never did so) and refunding me the extra premium, I contacted them t complaint about the fact I never cancelled, they told me over the phone it was an automated response and the wording wasn’t important of who cancelled.
the next day I called again and now I was still insured for the last trip as it was booked in September 22 , a bit of good news so I asked for it in writing as I have to pay the balance by September 25th2023 ( today) I got confirmation. The next day I got an email from them asking me all the details which I provided,the following day the agent contacted me to say he couldn’t find my policy details in the system and thought it must have been cancelled, I have called again, now I have spent 6 hours plus on hold and re explaining all over again on 4/5 occasions, my partner is having surgery in 48 hours and was hoping to take some recovery time on cruise which have been cancelled on medical advice.
absoultly disgusted by ALLIANZ INSURANCE approach.


  • This is a very confusing post.

    When did you last pay your insurance premium and when does the policy expire ?

    Once your partner became unwell then most policies require you to declare the fact they are undergoing tests.

    Did you do that ?

    As for this "extra" insurance, what did you actually ask them to provide ?

  • Thanks, I pay my insurance on a monthly premium through my bank premium account so it’s a rollout contract for years so no expiration date . Yes I made a declaration of medical condition after the weekend and recovering from the shock of the bad news.
    i never ask the insurance to provide me anything. I just called them to inform them ,THEY suggested I should pay an increase of £80 to cover my partner’s condition, then they cancelled it.
  • Quite frankly, what you have posted makes no sense at all.

    They should pay out for cancellation on medical advice but no company I know of would offer extra insurance after a cancer diagnosis.

  • it makes no sense because for 10/12 days they keep changing their mind on whatever I am or not insured, their position is because I booked 2 holidays in july23 and she was getting some test since March 23 for cough , then chest infection then long covid then pneumonia then fungi infection up to August 23 and then biopsy on 31 st August 23 with results on September 8th 23 saying it was cancer , so for insurance if she was having some test for whatever reason at the time of booking ( March to July) she cannot be covered and won’t get our holiday money back) hope I am explaining the matter in an adequate manner 
  • That makes it a bit clearer.

    Any holiday booked PRIOR to March 2023 should be covered.

    You should have declared the medical issues at the time they occurred.

    Any holiday booked thereafter will not be covered as you did not declare the medical issues.

  • Thanks, I never declared anything until we got a diagnosis/ investigation 31 st August to 8 September, before that no one as mentioned anything about cancer , if you read my previous message, cough , chest infection, pneumonia, fungi, long covid, should I had declared all of those and eventually go back to them to say it was cancer, is it what you are suggesting. Thanks 
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