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PIP new claim Face to Face query

Hello This is a new claim for my partner for PIP. 
I was advised by other posters (on previous threads) and also Macmillan to apply 
He has just got a face to face appt through on a text message ....can we ask to change to phone only, my partner has multiple health issues and terminal cancer, which affect him daily in general life . Which fit many of the descriptors. Also had a triple by pass and gets stressed very easily which leads him to have chest pain. To be honest I'm surprised they actually want him to come to a physical appt as I sent in lots of evidence and also I hear of so many people just having paper based or just phone calls. Do I just get him to phone up and ask if they can do a phone only, I know he will not cope and this would lead to him getting ill .Thanks


  • peteuk
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    Firstly I am sorry to hear this, do they know of your partners terminal diagnosis?  Is there any supporting letters that clearly state the diagnosis. 

    Terminal cancer should not have an either a face to face or telephone assessment.  Ask Macmillan as there is a form to complete which will skip this. 
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  • Torry_Quine
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    I agree that a terminal diagnosis should get PIP without any need of an assessment. 
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  • Spicedpumpkin
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     @peteuk Hello  Many thanks. He has multiple myeloma, its an incurable cancer and is a terminal cancer .But the consultant has not said its 12 months to live or a defined time scale, its a wait and see with each set of blood tests. He had chemo last year and part of this year. But is not getting chemo at the moment. So I don't think it fits the special form requirements of the the DS1500 or what it is called now. Although I appreciate your help in that part.
    I included all the information that he had terminal cancer, and also heart and kidney problems. With many consultant letters and explanations how his illnesses affect him everyday.

    As I said I was shocked they even wanted a face a face as well. I did the form and went through it with Macmillan and they seemed quite positive about it, and that I hadn't left anything out to explain how it affected him etc
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