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Should I have received signed contracts

Hi all! I completed on my purchase 2 weeks ago and moved in to my new home - yay!

I haven't received anything since getting the keys - for example the updated lease with our signatures, the countersigned/ executed contracts etc. We obviously signed the paperwork a few weeks ago leading up to exchange of contracts but the originals got posted to the solicitors so we haven't retained any of these & obviously they only had our signatures, not the sellers'.

My question is, what docs are we supposed to get from the solicitors on/post completion of a house purchase? 


  • lika_86
    lika_86 Forumite Posts: 1,626
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    In a few months you'll get a copy of the updated title register showing your ownership and any other relevant docs from the process like any indemnity insurance policies put in place (if any).
  • UnderOffer
    UnderOffer Forumite Posts: 769
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    I’ve never received a final copy of the signed contracts with both signatures, my understanding is you sign your side and sellers sign theirs and solicitors confirm receipt, they don’t actually get sent to obtain ‘wet’ signatures of all parties. 
    Lease - have you not got an electronic copy of what you posted back? I kept copies before posting, but most docs were emailed so I had these to keep. 
  • user1977
    user1977 Forumite Posts: 11,704
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    Which documents would you like? The contract has fulfilled its purpose after completion (unless you have some sort of dispute with the vendor) so there's not much point in having a copy. Presumably you got copies of various things from your solicitor during the process?
  • dimbo61
    dimbo61 Forumite Posts: 13,685
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    The Land registry can take months to turn round documents.
    WFH could have something to do with it !
  • propertyrental
    propertyrental Forumite Posts: 1,657
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    the updated lease with our signatures,

    The lease you bought was created X years ago in 20xx between two other people (eg the original freeholder and original leaseholder) That dated lease does not change. Those 2 people created it (on that date). The fact that the original leaseholder later sold it (to you? to someone else who sold it to you?) does not chage either the date it was created, or the terms within it, or the names of the originalpeople who created it.

    So no, it willnot be updated with your signatures.

    However the Land Registry will (in due course) record electronically that you are the current owner (though not the original creator).
  • mashmash90
    mashmash90 Forumite Posts: 75
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    Thank you everyone! I just didn't want to be in a situation where I should have received something and didn't when I'm coming to sell in many years time and who knows if the solicitors will still be around then! I guess we just need the Land Registry record for that though rather than the contracts! Thanks for your help!
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