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Am I missing something here.
Being at home more now, I notice that the sky router is increasingly unreliable.
We lose internet access and TV service numerous times every day. I basically use mobile internet at home even though I am working just a few feet from my router.

When I call Sky they “tested” the line and told us all is ok. They tell us that we have too many devices connected (we don’t - never more than 10 (with 4 of those products are sky extenders q boxes.)
The router test said 19! Declined to replace the router.

I switched everything off and the router says 19 devices including 5 wired devices (there are none). I retested within minutes and there were readings between 4 and 19 - we had just 4 devices connected.

Today I tested again. No broadband or TV. The remote test says all is fine - I took screenshots of the App stating all was well using my mobile device to test whilst simultaneously showing that the broadband had no signal.
I contacted sky though was fobbed off to use the app to sort it out.

If no broadband then the App needs me to use my Mobile signal. The test then says all is ok.
When switching back to broadband, the App will not run.

if Sky require me to demonstrate failure of the device using the App and the App will not run if there is no broadband (or indeed the router gives falsely reassuring messages) how is this supposed to work?

Ended up buying a new sky router of eBay which is coming later this week.

The Sky “help” does seem to be a pointless service as it seems only to be able to indicate that things are ok rather than to help if not. Catch 22?

Locked in to 12 months contract though as kids are older will hopefully ditch Sky at the next opportunity.


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    Is this "lose internet connection" when wireless or lose connection on wired devices?

    The Sky routers aren't particularly fantastic for wireless coverage in the first place.

    Anyway if you lose connection on a wireless device, then see if a wired device has lost connection as well.  If not, its not an issue Sky are technically responsible for.

    The "line" (that comes in and the router is connected to the internet) is all that the provider is responsible for; if you have wi-fi dead spots then unless you have the boosters, that's not Sky's problem.
  • drjohn67
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    Not just a WiFi coverage issue as there is no network with WIFI when I am right next to the router or if I am connected with a wired device (at the time of router failure). Issue is it comes on again after an hour or so and at that time the self test says everything is ok. (Other than the conn3cted devices count being incorrect including up to 5 wired devices which we do not have - the router only has 2 LAN ports). 

    When working (intermittently) we have WiFi coverage across the property. At that time it has decent speed as well. 

    There is a Sky WIFI Booster provided by Sky when they sold us the TV package. Seemingly the Sky TV and Sky Q require internet / network access over WIFI to function otherwise they turn off indicating ‘lack of connectivity to network’ or between the main Sky Q box and mini box. i.e. we lose TV and internet.

    it seems like the router device or App has engineered confirmation bias that is only able to report that things are functioning normally. When things are not functioning it seems that the router does not log the fault and it cannot be reported at the time of fault from within the App.
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    I suspect that the reluctance to help might have something to do with the WiFi guarantee that they want to add to our package. Let’s hope the new router that I bought helps us get through the time until the renewal is up - will move on then. 
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    What app are you referring to?

    If the router is losing connection to the internet, the wifi should still be working. You should connect to the wifi and then use a browser to access the router and check what it says its connection status is. It should say not connected.

    The router also keeps logs of the connection status as well as other information, you should be able to see the connection drops in there are well which you could copy into a document or email to show evidence to Sky of the connection drops.
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    It is the Sky Q Hub / router.

    The App is the My Sky App which essentially does the same as logging into our account on the Sky website.
    Yesterday when tested the test indicated 4 devices connected - 2 minutes later 15 devices - 2 minutes later 14 devices. There were just 4 devices.

    Today no connection or TV at 1429hrs,  logged on using my mobile signal = “all ok” including the mini Q which supposedly had a “good” connection  at 1430hrs - however still no network connection or Sky miniQ connectivity for sometime afterwards. When I tried to run the broadband test on the Sky App for sometime it either stalled for ages, gave a “Sorry our tests are currently unavailable” message or error code 1001. 

    Even now it states 15 devices all with great signal. (Incorrect number of devices). Apparently my iPad was connected by a wired connection - not true. The router clearly has a fault ? with the hardware itself or in the software auto-updates. 

    Plan is to use the replacement sky hub pending Ethernet switch + cabling between Hub, Sky Q, Mini Q and a number of access points.

    Just a little frustrating that the router / Sky help broadband test and WiFi test are pumping out incorrect information. 
  • drjohn67
    drjohn67 Forumite Posts: 82
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    Thanks for advice. 
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