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  • marcia_
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    keep the replys coming, sometimes i get the syringe and adapter with some meds and not the other, it depends if they in the box.

    and also if they are classed as one use only, etc is maybe it should be something im supplied on prescription in bulk etc
     Why do you not keep them for repeated use? I washed and reused syringes when need for my medication 
  • Flugelhorn
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    liquid oral medication syringes will  not be single use, they can be used many times and are at least intended to be used for a whole bottle of medication.
    they are not included in the appliances section of the prescribing tarriff so no-one will be able to put them on a prescription as the pharmacist cannot get reimbursed for dispensing them. 
    Best thing is to ask the pharmacist for a syringe for each bottle when you get dispensed one.

    this is a list of prescribable appliances - syringes are either of the pre-filled or sterile hypodermic type. Tariff Part IX January 2020.pdf
      Measuring syringes for medication are not sterile.
  • molerat
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    elsien said:
    What makes you think that the syringes are single use? 
    because there is 2 types, single use disposable and reusable, a disabled person may find it easier to manage using disposables. 

    im turning part of my room in to a mini hospital room, that will also have a medical electric bed, so eventualy i want all medical supplys and medical cleaning supplys all togther and stocked.
    "Single use" refers to their use as a sterile medical syringe rather than as a measuring device.

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    thanks for all your help its appreciated, will be buying a box of 100
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    I use syringes for liquid meds too. 

    We wash mine out .. pop in water after use and wash at end of day then we have a drainer with upright wires to dry them on (i think its meant for kidies bottles).  I get a lot fo uses out of my plastic ones and mostly buy a box when i need them.

    But whenever I've asked a chemist at time of getting prescription they have given me a few.  If i'm not getting a prescription i think it was about 30p certainly not much but would add up if we didn't wash them out.  I leave the adapters in the bottles and balance the cap back on top.. not ideal but have a metal spice rack on the cupboard door and after we snipped a layer out al my bottles fit nicely so no chance of spills. 

    If you need a large quantity it is worth asking your GP or OT if they can source them or include them in a budget if you also have carers.. i knwo plenty of people online who get funding for gloves, aprons, syringes etc 
  • teddysmum
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    They are very useful for medicating dogs and cats, as you can squirt the liquid onto their tongue, so they have to swallow.
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