Are Argos correct here?

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I have bought a printer from Argos just over thwo months ago. I have rang Argos and they told me to speak to HP and if HP were to send me back to Argos for me to get a reference number from HP.
I spoke to HP showed them via viseo what the issue is and they told me they need to look further in to it and will get back to me in couple of days.
But my understanding is that at this point I shouldn't even really be talking to HP and it is still onus on Argos at this point to sort this out?


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    Well it would depend on what the issue is.  If it stopped working completely for no apparent reason I'd be talking to Argos.  But if there's something weird about using it that you don't understand then HP is the better option.
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    As with a a lot of computer things - speaking to the manufacturer (where they offer support) may be of more use to you than Argos. In the same way that checking the HP website to fix the website first is a good thing to do. 

    It depends what the fault is, and if it’s software or hardware related. If it’s software related, resetting the device (as per the manufacturers instructions) may resolve it. If hardware, go back to Argos. 

    Argos have the tendency to get you to speak to the manufacturer first. They can’t deny your return if it’s faulty, but they may insist on sending it back for repair. If ultimately HP will do the same thing as you are doing at home, then why waste the couple of weeks of sending it off for repair first. 
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    Yes and no, Argos have an annoying habit of trying to fob people off to manufacturers to claim on warranties rather than abiding by their obligations to consumers but in this case it probably does make sense to speak to HP to see what the problem is. 

    the only thing I would do would be if HP ask you to return it to them to confirm with Argos that this would constitute their one attempt to repair under the consumer rights act so that if it fails again in future then you can claim a refund. 
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    If it doesn't work take it ba k to Argos and either get another or ask for your money back, I did that a while ago with a microwave 5 months old, never had a problem 

    If it something to do with technical google the manual or ask YouTube 
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