£400 Energy Discount ???

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Good morning,

Is the government giving every household £400 again, as they did last year?  I didn't think they were repeating it this year, I've kept looking on the government website but it only mentions last year.

I've just read Jasmine Birtle's Money Magpie which states that payments will begin again in October 2023.



  • la531983
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    Those are for people on means tested benefits. There won't be another 400 quid giveaway to everyone again. 
  • QrizB
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    The government will give every household £400 off their electricity bill. This is called the Energy Bills Support Scheme. 

    You don’t need to do anything to get the money and you won’t have to pay it back.  

    You’ll get the £400 in 6 instalments starting from October 2023.

    While the article might claim this (quote above), I'm almost certain that it's incorrect. If there really was going to be another £400 handout, the news would be full of grinning government ministers telling us how generous they were being (with our own money).

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    The current Ofgem price cap is lower than the energy price guarantee so it is deemed no government intervention is required. If something unforeseen happened, prices shot up and the January Price cap exceeded
    the energy price guarantee threshold then the support payments would resume at that point. 

    Edit- sorry you were talking about the energy bills support scheme. Just ignore me 😂
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    Wishful thinking,no there isn't another £400 being dished out to all and sundry,as per last year,nor should there be.
    Only those deemed vulnerable/unfortunate/deserving enough,however that's been decided this time around will receive whatever amount they are entitled to as per qualifying criteria.
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    As things stand there is no public plans to do the scheme again this year, best to assume in your budgeting it wont be here.
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