What’s your earliest financial memory?



  • DigSunPap
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    The first thing I remember being in the arcade and converting £2 into pennies and remembering how I couldn't believe how many were coming out.
  • newatc
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    My first money memory was in 1957, aged 7, putting 6d on a horse running at Kempton which won giving me 2s 3d return . 
  • Ksw3
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    The arguments and thinking it was OK, we were too poor for my parents to get divorced. 
  • sheilavw
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    Prudential and Brittanic Assurance coming to the house to collect. The man used to let me have his carbon paper when it was coming to end of it's life, my late Mum had a writing pad in the drawer and would give me a couple of sheets of paper to use with the carbon ! Kids today wouldn't be impressed!
  • I remember the man from the pru coming to collect on an evening, and the book keeping tally of my parents savings. I always thought it was exciting having a visitor. I also remember being told those weekly payments paid for us to have two trips to the States once they matured.
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    My grandmother, who lived in Ireland, sent a one pound postal order when each of her grandchildren were born and my parents opened accounts with the local building society. That organisation got absorbed over and over and became part of Nationwide - who I still bank with (although I have other accounts as well). I loved "helping" my mum sort the housekeeping into her tin box with lots of different compartments - rent/electric/gas/food etc. - and especially when the gas and electric meters were emptied and we got some money back - all those shillings! One of my best memories though is being given a 10shilling note for my birthday (probably my 7th and from a "rich" auntie) and someone had drawn a little face on the corner. I put it in the building society and was allowed to take it out at Christmas but when I went to get it (obviously with a parent) I was really upset that they hadn't given me "my" 10shilling note back as there was no little face on it. I actually went on to work for Nationwide and it was surprising how many adults seemed to think we took their money and then kept it all in a big vault waiting for them to withdraw it.
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