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NCP Fine (Scotland)

Hello, I was hoping someone could advise. I am in Scotland. A little while ago I received a parking fine from NPC, EXCEPT the fine was actually in my Dad’s name as he is the registered keeper of the car. I was definitely at fault as I forgot to pay (it is one of those car parks where it is always open,  but there is plate recognition and you have to pay on the website after). I presumed they were going to send a few letters and then give up - but alas no. It has now gone to the debt collector (TRACE) and my Dad is stressing out as they have sent multiple letters including to our old address. I am also unable to change the recipient of the fine, so all letters are still coming to him. What is the best course of action? Thank you in advance. 


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    It isn't a fine
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    Stop calling it a "fine". For every occurrence of the word "fine" in your paperwork, you owe me £20.

    In Scotland, you can safely ignore it as long as you don't give away the driver's identity. Have you done so? (aside from on here where you have blabbed it)

    The RK cannot be held liable in Scotland (for now) and they have no idea as to the driver's identity.

    As advised in the Newbies/FAQ thread, you can safely ignore all the debt collector letters. They are not a party to the contract you allegedly breached with NPC and apart from growling and making idle threats, they are powerless to do anything. You just ignore them. They are designed to make low-hanging fruit on the gullible tree poop their pants and capitulate into paying up.

    They will eventually give up as they will not go to court in Scotland as it is not worth their while and would probably cost them more than they could ever recover. Tell your dad to take a chill-pill and safely ignore the useless TRACE and their bottom-dwelling associates.
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    Just read other Scotland threads. 

    You need to read a few from 2023 and learn how the law is changing next year but we just can't type it out on every thread.
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
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