Supagard Paint and Fabric Protection

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I have purchased new cars previously and was offered similar deals for paint and fabric protection for £300 to £400 and have always refused. This time they have offered it to me for £79.00. Is it worth purchasing or is just a gimmick.


  • facade
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    It isn't a bad price, the magic fluids are about £30 and it takes the minimum wage kid about 2 hours to do it properly..

    The Paint protector is just a sealant that helps prevent bird lime and tree sap from eating through the modern rubbish "paint".
    The fabric protector clogs the fibres and helps prevent spills and mud wicking into the fabric. (Scotchguard used to be The Big Name, most people still refer to fabric treatment as "Scotchguarding". N.B. the fabric goes a slightly darker shade after spraying)

    You absolutely definitely want a sealer over the "paint" but I find that with a new car my enthusiasm is sufficient for me to clean it, polish it and apply that crucial sealant in the first week of ownership, (then when the enthusiasm fades it gets a wash twice a year if it is lucky ;) )  so if you are like me you can save £50 by doing it yourself.

    Also doing it yourself on the first day you can inspect the "paint" and go running back to the dealer with complaints about poor finish, scratches etc. if necessary.

    So up to you if you want to spend £80 or spend £30 and some elbow grease.

    (Autoglym do a ceramic sealer for about £20 a bottle that should do a nice job, when it is brand new water just beads off it)
    I want to go back to The Olden Days, when every single thing that I can think of was better.....

    (except air quality and Medical Science ;))
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    Facade thanks for the information. Great Post.
  • 400ixl
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    Either way you will be spraying a sealant onto some pretty shoddy out of the factory paint work which will already have swirls and other damage / contamination on it.

    If you really want it protected then get it properly corrected and a ceramic coating put on. Will cost that £300 but will be protected for a few years. Anywhere from 3-8 years depending on the ceramic product chosen.

    If you are not going to do a proper job, then it really is still not worth paying them. You can buy the spray for £30 and all you need is a couple of micro fibre towels. Once you have washed the car, you spray a panel (whilst wet) and then wipe it over with the towel to spread it and dry the panel off. That will give you around 3-6 months of protection which is all these ceramic sealants really provide.

    You will get a couple of washes out of each spray bottle.

    As you will see, getting a proper paint correction and ceramic coating is more expensive, but actually better value long term.
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