N. S. & I. Can't stop cookies banner popping up

db3745 Forumite Posts: 442
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Looking to check out and open new 6.2% fixed account. Our savings are largely in wife's name with her extra tax-free allowance, but she leaves the operation to me. Whatever I try and do on the site I get hit with this cookies banner. Whether I edit to accept some, reject all or accept all, I keep being brought back to this annoying banner - it was annoying to start with; now it's well beyond that.

It doesn't seem to matter which area I go to; I can click the premium bond checker, go to savings options, before I can see or do anything meaningful I'm stopped by this banner, which pops up. 

I've "searched" the forum, as I can't be alone but nothing shows up. Help!


  • Rheumatoid
    Rheumatoid Forumite Posts: 829
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    doesn't do it for me on win 11 using either edge or chrome. dismiss pop up and its gone. do you have some kind of cookie blocker?
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  • badmemory
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    The only way I can use NS&I (apart from the bond checker site) is to use a browser with no security.  Even trying to remove the site security using my usual browser does not work.  But I don't get a cookies banner.  thankfully.
  • handful
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    This is driving me nuts as well! Every new page brings a cookie pop-up and I can't find a way of stopping it! I generally use Firefox, must try some different browsers!
  • db3745
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    Thanks everyone. With perseverence I managed to get to the right page in between pop-ups. I do have the free Adblock but haven't had the typical " ...we see you're using an ad-blocker." message on this site. I've found N. S. & I. a nightmare for years in lots of ways as regards using online services. No way would I have an account which required any frequent logging-in and/or dialogue . They wouldn't get away with their user-unfriendly set-up if they were a private institution.

  • km1500
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    check if it happens with eg Chrome and Edge
  • Rudyson
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    I've just signed up using Firefox, and had no problem, just the one cookie page as usual
  • ToneP
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    This happens to me on multiple sites not just NS&I and using several browsers. It's basically lazy coding coupled with the fact that they want you to get so cheesed off you end up accept these cookies anyway.
  • Swipe
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    Not accepting cookies when logging into the NS&I site is a sure way to get your device count maxed and locked out.
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