Cosmetic car insurance

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Most reliable insurer


  • Ayr_Rage
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    @dasnewcar what exactly do you mean by COSMETIC car insurance ?
  • dasnewcar
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    Small scratches and bumps also need wheel coer
  • la531983
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    The problem is the most "reliable" (and how are you judging "reliable"?) may be treble the price as the cheapest, so you pay your money and take your choice.
  • dasnewcar
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    Sorry wheel cover
  • fatbelly
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    Ayr_Rage said:
    @dasnewcar what exactly do you mean by COSMETIC car insurance ?
    It's a new one on me too
  • born_again
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    MSE version.
    Put whatever the premium is for the insurance into a savings policy.
    Odds on at the end of the ins policy, you are quids in 👍
    Life in the slow lane
  • Barkin
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    Crumbs, I didn't know that was A Thing! 
  • sheramber
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    I think you can insure against anything , at a cost.
  • DullGreyGuy
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    sheramber said:
    I think you can insure against anything , at a cost.
    No, you cannot insure against intentional illegal activities by yourself... there used to be drink driving/loss of license insurance which would pay for alternative transportation whilst you are banned from driving but it was fairly quickly scrapped as a product.

    Outside of that though you can insurer anything, though it may not be economical to do so if the probability of loss is too high or quantifying the risk too hard. That said, in the Corporate world there are products like Loss Sensitive insurance with side agreements for an aggregate deductible for things like fleet insurance for hire car companies were its a certainty that there will be notable losses each year but they're required to hold ground up insurance.
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    Tread carefully: the article states that claiming on a cosmetic insurance policy won't affect no claims bonus on one's proper policy, but it doesn't say that a cosmetic insurance claim is exempt from the 'claims, incidents and accidents' clauses within the policy proper.  Claiming on the cosmetic policy, therefore, might end up counting as an insurance claim at the time of renewing the policy proper, in the same way that claiming on an unrelated motor policy (say as a named driver or under a hire car policy) does.  For that reason it might be a double edged sword, in that it seems to blur the line between what constitutes an insurable event - accidental or malicious damage - and plain wear and tear - stone chips, fine scratches, reaction to bird droppings etc.  The latter would normally be repaired on a self-funded, private basis by the owner and wouldn't trouble the provider of motor insurance.  Claiming for repairs on that basis on a cosmetic policy may alter that.  

    I'm not familiar with the product, but it's worth finding out.  
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