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Supermarket till receipts

ezzymoo Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
edited 28 August at 3:01PM in Praise, vent & warnings
Over the last few years I have spotted overcharging on my receipts. This mainly occurs on special offers whereby the full price is charged rather than the discounted price.  It also happens on sell by date specials.  I am not exaggerating when I say this happens at least once every 2 shops. Recently offers from Iceland were not recognised at the till resulting in a £15 overcharge.  I tend to use all the supermarkets locally and it is noticeable in all of them to varying degrees, the worst being Morrison’s and Asda.  Even after I have pointed out an error , 2 weeks later, the error is still the same.   My main reason for sharing this is that supermarkets are encouraging shoppers not to print receipts so beware.  


  • soolin
    soolin Forumite, Ambassador Posts: 71,263
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  • username
    username Forumite Posts: 636
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    I suppose it does pay to check your receipt (and get one). In Italy it is mandatory to give the client a receipt.

    The till errors must be to do with their tills as no doubt all such deals are downloaded overnight/weekly from head office. That, or the staff aren't on the ball with removing POS for expired offers it can work the other way.

    The reductions being charged at full price I have found when staff don't place the reduced label correctly over the standard barcode.

    You or the checkout operator can always scan the standard one rather than the reduced one easily by mistake as the scanners on tills are very sensitive these days and scan from all angles, so ti will pick up the first one.
  • glennevis
    glennevis Forumite Posts: 596
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    You mention a massive overcharge at Iceland. As well as inflation-busting price increases in these hard times, they appear to have changed the validity of many offers recently. Many of the multi-buy offers I now see flagged as online only.
  • km1500
    km1500 Forumite Posts: 1,724
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    wherever possible I always use one of those handheld self-scan things so that you can check the price of each item as you get it
  • eddddy
    eddddy Forumite Posts: 15,452
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    ezzymoo said:
    Over the last few years I have spotted overcharging on my receipts.

    It amounts to the same thing... but in my experience, the problem is that shop staff don't always replace out-of-date shelf-edge labels.

    So a special offer has finished, or a price has increased - but they've 'forgotten' to change the price label on the shelf.

    Typically, the prices charged by the tills are programmed by a specialist team at head office - and downloaded to each store. So they are probably double-checked etc.

    But the labels on the shelves are replaced by one of the shop staff - who might not be so careful and diligent.

  • DullGreyGuy
    DullGreyGuy Forumite Posts: 6,228
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    It somewhat depends on the type of special offer, certainly with some types the receipts are much harder to read than others. 

    Yellow sticker things... normally just shows the sticker price but there is always the risk of reading the original barcode not the yellow sticker if the original one hasn't been covered properly etc.

    Multi-buy/combi-buy type offers often have the items listed at full price and shows a discount at the bottom of the receipt. Same goes for Member prices.

    Watched a woman argue for 20 minutes with staff because her receipt showed Sandwich £3.00, Diet Coke £1.75, Bag of Crisps £1.20 when the meal deal was for £4... she was totally ignoring the Deal Saving of £1.95 showing at the bottom and the fact that the receipt said total £4 and her phone was showing she had just paid £4. She seemed to think every item should have been adjusted in line not at the bottom.

    Errors will happen, often when staff forget to remove promotional signs in the shop rather than an error with the tills, but customer error is fairly common too.
  • TMSG
    TMSG Forumite Posts: 111
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    I always check the receipts (shopping mostly with Sainsbury's, Lidl, Morrison's and sometimes Aldi). I am happy to say that normally things are OK with those. Lidl went through a bad patch last year when prices went up faster than they could change the labels :smile: but otherwise it's been not too bad.

    OTOH I had massive problems with our local ASDA, so much so that I stopped shopping there. There were months when not a single shop was correct... and the manager was completely uninterested.
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